8 Easy Hairstyles That Go With A Turtleneck Dress On Lazy Winter Days

Winter is definitely upon us. While most of us are always on a hunt to find the right type of outfit, what we often forget are a few other areas that need our attention.

A drawback that we majorly face in winters is our hairstyle. Winters are all about keeping your hair tied up because who wants to get outside the coziness of a blanket and wash their hair, right?

A lot of us are big fans of wearing turtleneck jumpers and dresses in winters but have you ever wondered the sort of hairstyles that don't just flatter your face shape but also your outfit?

The neckline tends to take away a lot of attention from the hairstyles and hence it is important to know the exact ones that couple well with turtlenecks.

Check it out:

Hair game strong: Get ready to make heads turn with a classic blowout and a turtleneck ensemble.

A turtleneck shines out, especially when you do a hairstyle keeping your luscious hair open. A smooth and sleek blow-dry is your best bet and it looks beautiful with a high neckline.

All you need to do is part your hair in the center. Take a few strands from the front and keep it on the other side. Pin it and let your hair drop on the sweater. Time to turn heads, ladies!

Braided Updo

Braided Updo

Braided beauty: A stunning updo that complements your turtleneck and takes your outfit to new heights.

Wish to garner attention with your turtleneck and your outfit? The best way to do so is by making hairdos like a hairband. This will keep your hair off your shoulders and gives more enhancement to your whole look.

Part your hair on both sides equally and braid them. Cross over the braids and pin them on the other side. This works well if you have hair below shoulder length.

High Messy Bun

Effortless glam: Elevate your look with a high bun done the messy way.

One of the most common yet a striking hairstyle has to be a high messy bun. This hairstyle goes well for straight as well as curly hair. A high bun is a savior on days you have a bad hair day or you aren't in the mood to wash it.

All you need is a dry shampoo and once you have used it, your hair would feel fresh again. For this hairstyle, in particular, take a thin rubber band and tie it up in an unkempt way. Push a few strands in a puff on the crown so it doesn't look flat or unflattering.

One-Sided Ponytail

Sleek and stylish: Master the one-sided ponytail to add a touch of elegance to your hair.

Be it curly, wavy or straight hair, the one-sided ponytail will keep up your style game. If you have freezy hair, just take a dab of hair serum and use it to soothe your hair.

Now, choose your favorite parting and take all your hair on one side. Take a rubber band and tie it up. If you wish to make it more stylish, use a mini scarf to your hair. It gives you control and also lets you make a fashionable statement.

Hair Tuck

Hair Tuck

Effortlessly chic: The hair tuck adds a touch of elegance to your winter style.

One of the best things about hair tuck as a hairstyle is the fact that it lets you feel even more comfortable and warm in winters.

Embrace the neckline and incorporate this hairstyle with your turtleneck dress. It revamps your entire look and if you have that constant urge to cut your hair short but still want long hair, this is the best way to create that illusion.

Low Bun With Strands Out

Casual sophistication: Rock your turtleneck dress with a low bun and loose strands for a laid-back yet stylish look.

Not just high bun, but a low bun is also an ideal choice with your turtleneck dress. A messy look with a low bun is an easy hairstyle that can be done under 60 seconds and redone just in case you want to. Keep in mind that this hairstyle doesn't team well with hats or beanies.

Just take all your hair together and make it a low bun. Take a few strands out from the front. For more sass, wear a pair of round sunglasses.

Sporty Ponytail

Sporty Ponytail

Turtleneck Tresses: The secret to nailing this hair trend is a sleek ponytail secured with a hair bungee.

The trick to acing this hair trend is that it should sit in the center of your turtleneck. To keep it perky, use a hair bungee instead of a droopy rubber band. It gives a tighter hold and lets it stay put all day long.

Be it your 9 to 5 hours or party night, this hairstyle with your turtleneck strikes the right chord!

Keep It As It Is

Your curly or straight hair, if left open, can also stand out. That's the ability of a turtleneck. If you have an unbeatable hair texture, choose a cream turtleneck dress or a jumper.

A hairstyle that's left open and done in a sleek back manner looks fabulous.

Trace out the part that suits your face shape and let your luscious locks fall over your shoulders. Do a small quiff and sweep your hair from the forehead.

You can also accessorize it with a beanie as it only keeps you protected but also adds more brownie points to your look. 

final verdict

Now, that you have learned some interesting tricks and hairstyles to go with your turtlenecks, go ahead and try them out. These hairstyles are easy to do and guarantee to not be a pain!

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