Why Does The Hair Dryer Trip My Circuit Breaker?

Hair dryers are quite helpful, especially when you want to save time on the clock while heading to work. But, imagine it's an important day and you start getting ready. Since you can't reach your workplace with wet hair, you decide to use your hairdryer to blow dry your hair and then suddenly, while doing so, the circuit breaker trips.

This problem can be infuriating when you just cannot afford to reach the workplace late.

​If this has happened to you, you are not alone. This is a common problem of the circuit breaker tripping, What happens, in this case, is that the electric flow is prevented and this tripping, protects the circuit from causing overheating or any further damage.

Now, if this is not the first time you have experienced an issue like this one, try to unplug your hair dryer and use it in another outlet. This will help you know the exact cause of tripping.

Trying to find the real reason for tripped breakers can be a painful task. But, despite changing the outlet, if you still haven't found the solution to this maddening issue, here are a few reasons why your appliance keeps tripping and how you can fix it, without having to put too much effort into it. Read below!

Overloaded Circut Hairdryers

An overloaded circuit is a no brainer issue that most people face. It usually happens when the circuit has more load than it can carry. It also happens if many appliances are working at the same time.

The internal mechanism is sensitive and it heats up. This way the breaker trips by spring-loaded component. Further, this causes a break in the pathway on the breaker and the circuit are then inactive.

Till the time the breaker level is not reset, the circuit remains dead. When this situation arises constantly, it is a sign that you have been using it excessively and need to move the appliances to another outlet.

When heavily powered appliances like air conditioners or television sets are running at 15 amp circuit, your breaker is bound to trip.

So, what do you do? Solve this issue by relocation.

Move them to other circuits and turn off a few appliances as this will decrease the overload. Even overheating is a big cause of circuit trips as it grabs more amps than required, which leads to overloading. This is a usual scenario in summers, which you might have experienced.

Short Circuit

Short Circuit of Hairdryers

A short circuit is another reason why the breaker trips. It is caused when the black wire touches the neutral one. When there's lower resistance, there's a sudden flow of electricity. This usually heightens the flow and causes the breaker to trip.

In some cases, this doesn't happen due to wiring but there could be an issue with the wiring of an appliance as well or the device that's plugged to an outlet with the circuit.

To check if a short circuit is a real reason why the breaker tripped, check for the outlets turning brown or black and notice any burning smell.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the core cause of the circuit and hence you might have to seek the help of a professional here.

Ground Fault

hairdryer Ground Fault

Just like a short circuit, even ground fault usually happens when a hot wire touches the bare wires that are located on the metal box that's situated on the ground wire.

These are especially dangerous when it happens in high moisture level places outdoor location or kitchen. It carries a risk of shock. There are ways in which you can identify this issue and fix it

For example, areas that have direct contact of water and the ground should be protected from ground fault circuit interrupters.

Your Hairdryer Could Be Faulty

Hairdryer Could Be Faulty

Hard fact, if you have been using your hairdryer for years, chances are it is tripping because it's so old. Faulty appliances can cause the breaker to trip and it can happen over and over again.

This issue can be identified easily and once you know it, either you can get a brand new product or get this one fixed if it hasn't crossed its age limit.

There are some easy ways in which you can fix this issue if the problem hasn't worsened.

Number Of Devices Plugged In

A simple solution to get your hairdryer working again is by limiting the usage of other devices. For example, you can use an extension cord from a circuit that's doesn't have heavy voltage devices plugged into it. This way you will be able to use your hairdryer.

Hair Dryer Levels

Beware and check how many amps your circuit has and can handle when plugged into one outlet. Earlier hair dryers used to come with low watts which used to be around 750 watts.

The new hairdryers, on the other hand, have around 1875 watts which means it's easier to blow a circuit even before using it. Make a good comparison, the next time you purchase an appliance.


If you have lived in a house for more than 30 years now, chances are the wiring is damaged too. One way to resolve this is by rewiring your home if you have noticed your hairdryer tripping over and over again.

Modern wiring can fix ton loads of other issues as well, lessening the danger of short circuits at home.

These are some impeccable solutions that will help you minimize the issue of the breaker tripping. Try'em out and save yourself!

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