Why Your Fine Hair Won’t Hold A Curl?

When you have fine hair, it is already a task to deal with it. Styling it, makes it even worse, as it leads to damaged hair and so many other issues.

Coming to one specific hairstyle which is curls, fine hair has the tendency to not be able to hold it. They droop and disappear just within a couple of hours. Now, if you are wondering why does this happen? Then let us tell you that it isn't your hair, but the way you are styling it.

There are sneaky style mistakes that you are committing due to which, your fine hair won't hold your curls.

Check out this list, that will show you the reasons why this has been happening and how to stop it.

You Use A Round Brush Early

Keep your curls intact all day long with this pro tip using a round brush.

If you start pulling your hair with a smooth brush as it is drying, the harder it will be for you to make those curls last. A good strategy here is to rough dry your hair first with the help of your fingers and then use the blow dryer. Do this only till your hair is 85 percent dry and only then use the brush. This will help the curls last longer.

You Are Not Using The Right Tools

If you are using the old curling iron that you have been using for years, chances are the quality of the same might have been deteriorated. The higher quality ceramic plates one spreads the heat equally. So use a new best curling iron for fine hair.

The curls will become of the same size and the iron needs to be hot for the curls to stay. You should also pay attention to the barrel size. If you have thin, short hair, you can use a thinner barrel curling iron. Using it will keep the curls tight and you will be able to maintain it all day long.

You Are Not Prepping Your Hair

While prepping fine hair, one trick that will work is applying the right sort of hair product to your hair. Be it mousse or heat protectant or hair spray, you will need it as it helps keep the curl tighter.

Dry texture spray is also a great one to allow your hair to stay longer in the curls rather than giving it a droopy feeling. It adds a nice texture to your hair and gives it that much-needed bounce. 

You Have Too Much Product On Your Hair

Applying hair stylers is not an issue, but if you use too much product on your hair, your hair will fall and the curls would drag down sooner. Start with a little amount of applying any product.

Use a dime-sized amount of cream, spray, or gel to maintain the curls and keep them tighter.

Your Flat Ironed Your Hair

Your Flat Ironed Your Hair

Flat ironed and fabulous, but curls may need a break to bounce back.

If you recently used a blow dryer and then used a flat iron on it, just a couple of days back, then it will be hard for your curls to stay.

Your Curl Your Hair In A Wrong Temperature Room

if you curl or straighten or blow-dry your hair, in the washroom or a room with humid temperature, your hair will be extra hard and it won't hold the curls. You have to make sure that the temperature is normal for a successful styling process.

You Don’t Let Your Hair Cool

You Don't Let Your Hair Cool

Give your curls time to set and cool down for a long-lasting hold.

Once you are done curling, you need to let your hair feel the coolness. Never touch your hair post the curling sesh. Once you let it settle, only then do some gentle tousing on your hair.

These are some of the reasons why your curls won't hold. Looking at solutions to make it last longer then check this out.

When You Are Showering

Getting the perfect curls is actually easy and it all starts right when you are in the shower. The best way to curl is to wash your hair first and when the time comes, you can get defined curls that will last for hours.

In this case, you should skip applying the conditioner as that will make your hair soft, and make your hair loose curls. The key is to have a hard texture that will hold your curls.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Right Before

In case of urgency, you can skip the conditioner and get the curls but still, even that depends on your hair type. For example, if your silky hair, the curls will last, but probably not for long.

To make sure it lasts, you should not wash your hair. While we all love the feeling of fresh fragrance and clean hair, curls actually do not like that. Curls need natural oils to stay and if you don't want to use any sort of hair product on your hair, this is the way to go.

If you feel your hair is looking extra oily, you can always apply some dry shampoo or sprinkle some talcum powder for it to soak the oil.

Use A Texturizing Spray

Use A Texturizing Spray

Lock in your curls with this must-have texturizing spray.

Once you are done curling your hair, finish it off with a texturizer. Like mentioned earlier, you will need products have to be applied pre curling. For post sesh, go for this spray.

It adds texture and volume to your hair and won't weigh down your hair. It also neutralizes your hair, while keeping the curls in place. Since texturizing sprays are formulated with the right ingredients, it will hold your ringlets for a very long time.

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