Best Steam Curling Iron 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

Who doesn't shower their love towards the gorgeous and flawless curls?

Those ravishing strands of hair which make you woo the world in just seconds! Which keeps on saying whenever you see yourself in the mirror - Curls on point!

Well, most women with straight hair secretly wish that they had some gorgeous ringlets or tight and bossy curls or just some loose wavy curls. Am I right?

When it comes to choosing the right hair tool, we often end up being overwhelmed with the wide range of options chasing us. Literally.

We here to end the dilemma by presenting you an honest review on five Best Steam Curling Iron available in market. Let's check out those.

Best Steam Curling Iron Reviews Of 2024

Highlighted Features:

  • 3-direction curl control
  • Heat settings
  • Instant and consistent
  • MaxLife Pro brushless motor:
  • Auto shut-off:

Being one of the booming curling irons, the Babyliss steam curler bags these amazing features:

3-direction curl control:

You get to decide how you want your curl to appear. So, decide your choice and set the direction in your steam mist curling iron. R-Right, L-Left, and A-Alternate.

Heat settings:

Well, you do not have to be worried whether this particular machine suits your hair or not. This goes well with all type of hair. You just focus on adjusting the heat to own the ravishing curls!

Remember, there are 3 different heat settings for refreshing, elegant looks: 450 degree F, 410 degree F, 375 degree F.

Instant and consistent:

Save your precious seconds by using this amazing curler which heats up instantly without making any delay.

MaxLife Pro brushless motor:

Enjoy the salon style curling with the precision control for curling and glamorous results!

Auto shut-off:

Are you also one of those who often literally forget to switch off any equipment after using it? Cheers! I don't know about other equipment, but with this amazing curling iron, you have something delightful!

It can shut off automatically without having you to make an effort to switch off the button.


  • Time efficient.
  • Fast and effective results.
  • Easy to use.
  • Instant heating and recovery technology.


  • The instructions are quite hard.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quick heating
  • Auto shutoff
  • Temperature adjustment
  • The lock button
  • Water chamber

Quick heating:

As this amazing steam curling wand is capable of heating as quick as a cat, this can be your life savior whenever you are running short of time!

Auto shutoff:

Well, this should be the major factor especially for all those who frequently forget to thank the steam curling iron after it has done its job efficiently, yes, by switching it off!

To save you from the "potential" harm, this beautiful steam hair curler is designed to shut off automatically after 30 minutes.

Temperature adjustment:

You can choose what type of curl you are willing to own and set the temperature accordingly for the desired look.

If you want your hair to be straight, then, you can use it as a straightner wherein the barrel is split into two. If you want to curl it up, then, you know the drill.

So, alright then, which one you want to go with?

The lock button:

This button helps you in stopping from making accidental mistakes, say unknowingly changing the heat settings or turning the switch off!

Water chamber:

As the reservoir is pretty big in size in this hot air curling iron, you do not have to be annoyed of constantly filling in the water while curling. Sit back, relax, and curl!


  • Easy to use.
  • Adjustable temperature.
  • Better quality.


  • Tricky.

Highlighted Features:

  • Automatic hair steam curler
  • Ceramic chamber
  • can use it with steam or without steam.
  • Multiple mode selecting option

MENQANG curling iron is one of the best automatic hair steam curler. This automatic curling iron provides the perfect and classy curls as the chamber is made of ceramic material. Not only it saves your precious seconds by heating instantly, but also takes good care of your hair.

What you get by choosing what?

To get a loose, breezy curl, choose 190 degree Celsius and release after 8 seconds. Similarly, when you are in a mood of creating soft and bouncy curls, go for setting 210 degree Celsius for 10 seconds, and if you want to woo the city by having tighter and bossy curl, then, go for 230 degree Celsius for 12 seconds.

Spray hair care:

Being the best curling iron, to shower some more to your hair, you can use this with steam or without the steam.

Also, this amazing spray function helps in absorbing the moisture while you are curling your hair.


  • Multiple mode selection.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good quality material.
  • Creates long-lasting curls.


  • Quite heavy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Nano-titanium and ceramic technology
  • Auto shut off
  • The "beep" rule

Technology used:

The nano-titanium and ceramic technology adapted in this automatic steam curler lets you grab your desired curls in minutes! This technology takes good care of your hair by reducing the frizz and flyaways.

Professional styling:

Being one of the best steam curling irons, this equipment fulfills its responsibility by providing the professional brushless motor accompanied by safety sensors. So, there you go! Super cozy, tangle-free curls are yours now!

Auto shut off:

The auto standby feature alerts the steam mist curling iron to shut off automatically just after 60 minutes.

Just so you know, this awesome equipment works with or without steam. So, curl it up whenever you feel like it!

The "beep" rule:

So, basically, you can curl your hair in 3 different ways by using this simple gadget. Want to know how to choose the settings? Gear it up!

For those evergreen loose, elegant curls, hold for 8 seconds, and that should be 4 beeps. Willing to be back in beauty brigade by having soft and bouncy curls, then, hold for 10 seconds, yes, that's 5 beeps!

Ready to set the stage on fire by opting tighter curl, stay tuned for 12 whole seconds, i.e., 6 beeps and you will have your dream look come true! All thanks to curling iron with steam mist!


  • User-friendly.
  • Versatile and super fast.
  • Affordable price.
  • Precise and professional output.


  • Doesn't go with wavy hair.
  • Need proper guidance.

Highlighted Features:

  • Curls on point
  • Bend any type of hair

This is surely one of the best steam curlers chosen by professionals. Here's why:

Curls on point:

The Rejawece curling iron is accompanied by an automatic steam sprayer which helps in spraying the steam on your hair. Thus, you can witness the long-lasting, tangle-free curls in minutes! Easy to use, hassle free. Simple as that!

Happy to bend any type of hair in the whole universe:

As there are hardly any chances of your hair getting stuck in our curling iron, you barely have to give a second thought in buying it!

Be it super coarse or silky soft, long and classy or short and bossy, we got this! This amazing little equipment can create wonders in a few minutes. Long-lasting, of course!

Directions you need to know:

It lets you select the direction of the curl that you want the curl to follow. R-Right, L-Left, and A-Auto. Now, let's decide what type of curl you want and some quick reference to get the desired curly look.


If you want your curls to look natural and loose, then, go for 8 seconds, bouncy and light curls for 10 seconds, and to rock with nice and tight curls, go for 12 seconds.

Built-in timer:

The beep indicator lets you know that it is time to release the curler. So, enjoy the hassle-free curling with 12 automatic timers!


  • Easy to use.
  • Works on all type and length of hair.
  • Capable of yielding high performance.
  • Does not burn your hair.


  • Time-consuming.
  • Quite heavy.

Best Steam Curling Iron: The User Guide & FAQs

So, what makes you take a step back when it comes to styling your hair? Fear of hair damage?

Not sure which curling iron to choose? Or not sure of how to use one?

Well, here's something which can help you in solving your dilemma and picking the right thing to boost your beauty!

So, let's land our plane into digging some more useful information about the best steam curling iron!

What is a Steam Curling Iron?

For those of us who are not quite sure about the difference between a steam curling iron and a regular curling iron, here's the quick answer:

The mechanism involved in a regular curling iron is that, you place the section of your hair in-between a clamp or a barrel. The irons emit dry heat which makes the hydrogen binds present in the hair weaken. So that the hair can be reformed by acquiring the desired shape.

The only difference between a regular curling iron and a steam curling iron is that, the steam curling iron, as the name suggests, emits steam.

You are free to use the steam curling iron on damp hair. So, all the busy ladies out there, here's the fix to your "always running late" problem.

Not only it saves your precious time by eliminating the "use only after drying your hair" rule, but it also gives the perfect curls just the way you ever wanted without any hassle.

All you need to do is fill in a tank with distilled water and let the steam create some magic! The perks of using steam to curl your hair are that, it helps locking the hair in moisture and also hydration. This is why your hair is free from drying out as compared to using the regular curling iron.

The steam hair curler uses vapor infusion technology, which saves your gorgeous hair from being damaged. So, there you go! You now know why your hair feels so light and silky!

How Do I Use Steam Curling Iron?

The usage is pretty simple. The steam curling iron is similar to the regular curling iron when it comes to operating it. As I already mentioned, many steam curling irons let you use them on damp hair too.

The only thing which is an add-on here is that the water chamber. All you need to do is to fill in the chamber with water.

After filling in, just switch it on and now do not forget to set a proper temperature that is right for your hair.

Well, even though the steam curling iron is "oh-so-smooth" on your hair, there are chances wherein the heat you choose can burn your hair out. So, be careful while you set the temperature!

Just in case:

Here is a fix to this "hair burn" problem. Start your curling process by using a heat protectant spray!

Here's how?

  • Once the steam curling iron is ready to curl, make sure to section your hair before you start the process.
  • It is better to start from the back.
  • Take a section, and start winding around the barrel from root to the tip.
  • Now, you start pulling the iron softly through your "potential" gorgeous curls! Don't rush.
  • Repeat the steps until you are done with all the sections of your hair.

So, there you have it! The soft, pretty, and bouncy perfectly locked curls! Get ready to live the moment you ever dreamt of!

Features To Consider When Choosing The Steam Curling Iron

Before you start digging in the whole process of choosing the right steam curling iron for your hair, I just want you to know your hair.

Love your hair:

How exactly your hair is? Long, medium, short? Thin, thick, soft, coarse? Oily, frizzy?

Well, all I am asking you to do this because once you know the type of your hair, it is easy for you to find the right product.

Instead of handing out to a sheet of complaints about your hair, start choosing the right products and show some love towards your hair by some hair care routine.


As you already know, there are umpteen options available when it comes to design. Thus, be particular about not going for the complex designs no matter how appealing or stunning they may appear from outside.

At the end of the day, you only need the perfect curls, not some complex machine which is tricky to use.


If you are also one of those who find themselves busy all the time, then, this one is for you. This feature expects minimal help from your side. Just rest your hair on this amazing machine, sit back and relax!

Watch the machine does fantastic work. Well, as they say, everything does not come for free, this machine is quite at a higher end. Of course, it should be as it waives off your work too!


Ceramic: This is the most preferred material by the hair stylists as it stands on its words by providing the healthiest and stylish approach towards all hair types.

Titanium: If you want long-lasting curls, but you are running short of time to make them get right, then, this one is for you!

Tourmaline: This material is chosen to get rid of frizzy hair.

Steam Curling Iron vs. Regular Curling Iron

As a matter of fact, both steam curling iron and regular curling iron appears to be similar. The only difference you can spot is, that the steam curling iron comprises a small zone which is to fill in the distilled water.

You should let this area to be heated whenever you are planning to curl your hair. Your hair is curled up by using the steam emitted during the heating process. Also, you can save some minutes of your day without having to "quick dry" your hair before curling as it is ok with the steam curling iron.

On the other hand, the regular curling iron curls up your hair by heating up the barrels which are usually made of ceramic, titanium or tourmaline. As there is direct contact of radiant heat, there are chances of hair damage as they can take away moisture making the hair dry and frizzy.

The only annoying problem you might face while using the steam curling iron is that you should be patient enough to fill in the water every 10-20 minutes. If you are the one who has long, soft, shiny, straight hair (which every girl dreams of), then, be prepared to have some "water filling contest"!

You get a similar outcome with both the curling irons. But, in the long run, using the steam curling iron is better to keep your hair happy and healthy.

Safety Considerations for Using The Steam Curling Iron

Of course, everything has the safety strings attached! Likewise, it is our responsibility to be careful while assembling, using, and storing the product every time they have been used. Here are some safety considerations which are proven to be the most useful ones:

Choose the right product:

In case you want to curl your damp hair, then, make sure you get the right steam curling iron that supports to curl your hair even when it is damp.

Fill in the water. Always:

 I know all you curious cats want to know how would the steam curling iron work without the distilled water. I would like to warn you that "Please do not try this at home," or you will end up with some serious damage.

Heat protectant spray:

Never forget using or applying the heat protectant spray before you get all curled up! To avoid future damage, it is better to apply the spray before getting started.

Move heat catching elements aside:

If you have placed any objects that can catch heat, it is recommended to move aside all of them before you get started.

Remember to switch it off after use:

Most of us get so excited by looking at our pretty curls that we often forget to switch off that particular thing which has done its job as of now! Yes, the steam curling iron!

Store it after it has cooled down:

Allow yourself to store it only after making sure that it is completely cooled down.

Can Steam Curlers be Used on All Hair Types?

Well, as you already know the mechanism and the procedure that is followed while using the steam curlers, you might as well gave a quick thought about how hair-friendly this machine is!

No matter what your hair length is, short, medium or long, the steam curling iron doesn't give a second thought in curling them!

Are you worried about your soft hair might get damaged because of the steamy heat? Well, kick a "No" to that question!

The steam curling iron is gentle enough to provide the absolutely stunning curls without causing any damage to your hair. The only condition here is you have to manage using it properly by setting the right amount of heat and filling in the distilled water and such crucial factors.

Ew! Are you tired of combing your coarse, frizzy, stubborn hair which hardly looks combed enough? Well, here's something special for you! The steam curling iron has got the potential to spread the steam and manage to turn the coarsest, hardest, and the curliest hair into soft, stylish curls. So, don't worry, we got this.

The only factor you should keep in mind while purchasing the steam curling iron is the size of the water chamber. If you are a girl with short hair, then, you might not want to buy the big, large water chamber. Right?

The other way around, if you have the hair which is considered as an epitome by other girls, i.e., long, straight, soft and thick hair, then, you should definitely go for the larger ones.

Final Words

To make your shopping simpler and also to save your time from getting confused and overwhelmed among the widest range of options available, we are making your process quite an easy task.

Prepare the requirement list, jot down what all features you are looking for in the Best steam curling iron, note specifications (if any), know your budget. This is it! Just go with the list, scroll the options, match the list and the product, pick the right one!

Always remember to save your little time from all the attractive offers, wooing discounts, and the peppy talks. Most of the times, the products which are on huge discount might be the defected piece, and maybe that's why they are selling at throwaway prices.

What we have done here is, saved your time of market strolling and research and put the best ones that you can rely on.

Likewise, make sure you read the user's manual before assembling, operating, or using any machine, product, for that matter. Go through the safety instructions which might save you from the potential danger.

Never compromise on the quality or the features just because they were available for a cheaper rate. You might end up spending more money by trying to get the product fixed, which is known to break down frequently!

If you are satisfied with the quality and features of the product, then, you can stretch your budget a bit. Be smart. Choose wisely. Happy shopping!


  1. I use Philips hair curler. It has built up deposits of burnt hair on it. How do I clean it?

  2. I really love this guide of yours and it’s perfect for me. Last year I purchased TESCOM SALON deTESCOM Negative ion 2WAY after researching some reviews. This thing is great. I have very fine hair and this produces good curls that hold when sprayed lightly. Seems to have much less damage than traditional irons and I don’t need to leave my hair in it as long. Worth the money.

  3. Honestly, I enjoyed reading your entire post and it was good information for everyone! Highly interested in BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium professional curl machine and I hope it is perfect for me. But I need to know that does this product have a setting for alternate curl directions so all the curls aren’t going in the same direction?? Thanks for the help!

  4. Appreciating the time and exertion you have pitched into your website and the depth of knowledge you provide. Here I got a number of conceptions to pick out the best authentic steam curling Iron according to my capability. Hopefully, you will continue to post regularly!

  5. I purchased this Automatic hair steam curler ceramic curling iron for myself thinking it would never work. But I will give it a try with my straight hair. OMG, it was awesome. Used it before I went to a wedding and also a Christmas Party and got so many compliments on my hair. It is so super easy it was incredible. LOVE IT!!

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