Should You Cut Hair With Scissors Before or After Dyeing Hair?

Hair styling is an art that combines the science of hair health with the aesthetics of design and color. When embarking on a hair transformation journey that includes both cutting and dyeing, a common question often arises: should you cut hair with scissors before or after dyeing?

Although some hairstylists recommend cutting after dyeing to visualize the final result better, there are several compelling reasons to consider cutting before dyeing. This article aims to provide a deeper understanding of the interaction between hair cutting and dyeing, and how to best achieve your desired look while maintaining hair health.

Hair Color and Its Effects on Hair Strands

Hair dye, on the other hand, can have both transformative and damaging effects on hair strands. The coloring process involves opening the hair cuticle to deposit or remove color, which can leave the hair vulnerable to damage and breakage if not done correctly or overdone. However, the right coloring technique and care can minimize this damage, leaving you with vibrant, healthy-looking hair.

Cutting Hair Before Dyeing: The Benefits

Primarily, cutting hair before dyeing allows the stylist to remove any dead or split ends that could potentially affect how the hair absorbs color. Damaged hair tends to absorb color unevenly, leading to a patchy appearance in the final result.

Furthermore, cutting before dyeing means less hair to dye, reducing the amount of dye needed and thus the cost. Additionally, cutting before dyeing allows the stylist to shape the hair into its desired style, providing a better understanding of how the color will complement the cut.

Using quality hair cutting scissors, such as those available at JP Scissors, ensures precision and a clean cut, reducing the chances of split ends and hair damage.

Cutting Hair Before Dyeing The Benefits

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Considering Hair Vulnerability        

However, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, as the best timing depends on several factors, including hair health and the desired effect.

To understand when to cut hair in relation to dyeing, it's crucial to understand hair vulnerability before and after dyeing. The data below provides a snapshot of how hair reacts to dyeing and cutting:

Considering Hair Vulnerability

Hair is at its most vulnerable immediately after dyeing, as the dyeing process involves opening the hair cuticle to allow the dye to penetrate. This process can weaken the hair shaft, making it more susceptible to damage. Therefore, cutting hair immediately after dyeing is typically not recommended.

Cutting Hair After Dyeing: The Considerations

Waiting a week or two after dyeing before cutting allows the hair to recover and the color to set, resulting in less vulnerability to the stress of cutting. However, one disadvantage of cutting after dyeing is that if substantial length is removed, some of the dyed hair will be wasted.

Moreover, freshly dyed hair can sometimes mask the appearance of split ends, leading to an inaccurate assessment of hair health and the need for trimming.


Whether to cut hair with scissors before or after dyeing is a decision best made considering individual hair health, the desired look, and professional advice. The most important aspect is to use high-quality tools like those found at JP Scissors and to ensure your hair is treated with care throughout the process. This approach will ensure that your hair remains vibrant and healthy, regardless of when you choose to make the cut.

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