How to Organize Your Closet – Try These 7 Tips

Now, that's not a task which everyone seems interested in! If you are also "one of those," then, you chose the right platform to be in. So, let's take a sneak peek in what actually holds us back when it comes to cleaning closets.

Well, no matter how many hours we spend in organizing our closets, we usually end up doing the same damn thing again after a couple of months! Right where we started!

So, here's something useful for everyone who thinks cleaning and organizing the closets is a lousy task.

Start with a simple one. Here's what you do. Pick one outfit at a time and place it on your bed according to the suitable category, say jeans, trousers, jackets, fancy tops, casual wears, party wears, maxi dress, shorts, skirts, and the list has no full stop!

Declutter your wardrobe and simplify your life by sorting your clothes into categories.

In this way, you can sort your clothes by decluttering them according to their categories. Make a pact that you only keep the clothes that you love and wear them.

The clothes that don't fit you, or kind of old or the ones you simply like to "decorate" in your closet thinking that you will be wearing it one day (if you know what I mean), then, please step forward to donate those clothes.

Deep-Cleaning Your Closet:

Once you have tossed your clothes by decluttering them according to their categories, it's time to groom up your closet.

Start by wiping off the dirt accumulated after emptying your wardrobe. Take out a dry piece of cloth and wipe off the layer of dust gathered, spray a thin layer of surface cleaner on the spots where you see scuff marks and scrub it off.

Clean the surrounding, including the walls which I venture to guess, is not touched since forever! Now, once you are done cleaning in and around the closet, it's time to vacuum your carpet too. Give it a touch of cleanliness by suctioning the dirt out of it.  

Design a Spacious Closet:

If you are way too, rich, the, you should definitely hit a try on owning a closet like any Disney Princess! If you are limited to your budget, then, don't be! Here's something which can break all your "limitations"!

Make a note of every advantageous thing about your closet, say vertical storing, couple of hanging rods, in-built shelves, or any other features which you can turn them into a blessing in disguise!

Now, as you have your clothes decluttered, decide the place to go for. You can organize by selecting the places depending on their categories. Start by placing your fancy collections at one end, then comes your casual, office wears, and at last, place the clothes you wear at home.

Arrange your purses, clutches, sling bags, backpacks in one section of the closet (preferably on the upper side). You can utilize the walls/doors of the closet by hanging a thin rod to hang your accessories, say stilettos, gladiators, jewelry too.

Closet goals achieved! My very own Disney Princess closet is now a reality.

And for those areas which literally play hard-to-get, you can now think of doing something with them. Also, we all are irritated by those "peekaboo" places which we rarely approach.

You can use those particular areas to pile up your stuff which you rarely use, say bedspreads, pillow covers, spare rugs.

If you have way too many shelves and very less hanging space, you can simply turn a couple of shelves into hanging space just by placing hanging hooks.

As you know, the possibilities seem endless! Put your every talent and ideas on work, and do let us know your way of styling your closet!

​Prefer to Hang The Ones Which are Delicate, Sturdy, or Fancy:

Instead of hanging (or not hanging) everything you have, choose to hang the ones which need to be hanged.

Your lingerie seems to be delicate to just simply pile it up and place in a corner, so, go for it and hang them properly. Also, the sturdy pieces like blazers, suits, overcoats don't go well with the "folding" concept. Prefer to carefully hang those too.

Maximizing my closet space with clever storage solutions! Vertical hanging, shelves and more.

If you have heard of Marie Kondo, the most organized and decluttered person in the whole world, she suggests to go for hanging the clothes so that the longer ones occupy the left and the shorter outfits through the right of your closet.

You can have an idea now that the bottom of the shelf wherein you have hanged the clothes as mentioned will create a sloped line. Aha! Now, you can utilize this space to place your gym wear, dry-fits, track pants inlined!

​Pile Your Denims and Sweaters in Shelves:

If you are confused about which category goes well to stack in the shelves, then, you should go for thicker clothes. Your denims, sweaters, thick and soft shirts, and all those cozy comforts generally won't slump and retain their shape.

Also, you can easily find the denim or sweater that you are looking for!


Yes, instead of folding every category, you can again choose to declutter them according to their usage and fabric. Categories like your undergarments, soft T-shirts, gym wear, pajamas can be folded and rolled and stacked.

Utilizing every inch of my closet space! The walls/doors now have a purpose - Roll-On my stilettos, gladiators and jewelry.

Stacking the rolled clothes help you maximize the storage space and break the "space limits"! For these rolled clothes, you can choose to place them in your drawer section. So, you can definitely pull out the one you are looking for without any hassle!

​Color Coding Your Outfits:

Only if you are a clean freak! You can go for arranging your outfits according to their colors. Start by hanging or placing the folded outfit based on their colors.

For example, all the clothes with white color in one section, all the clothes with blue in another and continue to do with other colors too.

So, in this way, you can easily pick the outfit if you have already decided what color to wear. If you more of a visual person, then, you will enjoy this type of arrangement.

Do not stress much about the color arrangement, say you can always go for the rainbow theme (VIBGYOR) or even the reverse order of it (ROYGBIV)!

Bonus Tip:

The "hanging" scarves: Fold. Keep. Repeat. If this is the routine scenario with you too when it comes to using scarves, then, you can prefer hanging them on a hanger.

The hanger can be hanged on the doors of the closet (Ahem, the "pro" space saver tip). So, you can pull out any scarf you want, hang them back without having to fold them back!

Follow this method, and you will no longer have to mumble and complain about the "No space" drama! Well, sorting every outfit in this manner definitely solves the most controversial statement- I have nothing to wear!

Go and stand in front of your closet and you will get a clear picture of what exactly you have, and this simmers the list down to what you need to buy!

Of course, we are not the humans who feel content about what they have! Sometimes, even if you have it all, there's one piece of a puzzle which is constantly missing! Happy decluttering!

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