Kiss products Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Curling Iron

I wonder how every shiny strand of hair together is able to turn the visual beauty upside down in seconds! Well, a woman's beauty undoubtedly lies in her hair! Agree or not? Yeah?

Who would not appreciate the naturally enhanced beauty with a sheer elegance upon them? We do love our hair, and we continuously make an effort to "shower" some love!

Are you kind of freaking bored of the "Daily hair drama"? Frizzy, dull or oily hair? Oh, there is nothing happier than being in the right place!

Kiss automatic instawave curler has got the classy thing that redefines your style statement! This instant hair curler is a self-curling iron tool which instantly adds the charm to your hair by its potential prongs or ridges.

These prongs are more like combs which make an effort in detangling and smoothening the hair as you curl up!

Features That Were A Part Of Kiss products Ceramic Instawave 1” Automatic Curling Iron


The Kiss hair curler possesses patented qualities and makes use of ceramic ionic technology. Now you know the reason for the gorgeous looking hair! Strong and healthy. Yes, that's what you can expect from Kiss professional instawave!


Don't you worry! Our Kiss pro instawave is prone to deliver the tangle-free hair each time.

Direction freak

The Kiss products automatic instawave hair curler provides the best outlook by moving in both the directions(right and left) for the curls facing in and out.

Temperature control

You can decide the range suitable for your hair and that is how you know that you are going to have a "Good hair day" with long-lasting curls!

Also, if you follow the instructions carefully, you can manage to look stunning! Every time!

Procedure for long hair

  • Divide your hair and then, take about 1 to 2 inches from any section of your hair
  • Now, hold the Kiss hair curler vertically
  • Place the instant curler beneath the chosen hair
  • Begin to experience the world of magic by pressing the button
  • The spinner starts rotating and thus curling your hair automatically
  • Keep pressing the "switch of directions" till the barrel wraps all the hair around
  • You should hold the Kiss curling wand until you get to hear a beep sound
  • That is how you know that your hair is ready to look curly and flawless!
  • Now, you can release the instant curler by carefully pulling down

Procedure for short hair

  • The curling procedure is similar to the one explained in case of long hair except:
  • While curling, you may not need to section your hair. So, you can directly start curling your hair by placing the Kiss instawave curler vertically.
  • Being able to add the classy glow and natural style to your hair, this styling tool is perfect for all the occasions which demand the curls with an elegant touch.

You need to make sure of the length of your hair and then set the curler to the preferred heat:

  • Short hair - Low 
  • Medium hair - High 
  • Long hair - High

Read and follow the specified instructions carefully to own the natural and wavy look! You can also seek some answers by going through the Kiss automatic instawave curler review for more information.

And more:

  • You can set the temperature to 420F (Maximum level)
  • The device can shut off automatically after 90 minutes

If you are planning to bring home a curler, then, I am pretty sure you have gone through a lengthy list of curling iron reviews. Of all the criteria and demands, this tool, i.e. the Kiss instawave curler boils down to the most concerned priorities: Salon style self-curling tool and natural looking curls!

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