How To Manage Damaged & Dry Curly Hair?

In the name of fashion, we make our hair go through a lot of drama. Right from hairstylingto using ton loads of hair products to trying out different hot tools, everything in turn only leads to curly, coily hair getting damaged and frizzy. On top of it, if you dye it, it can affect the health of your follicles and lead to hair loss as well.

Now, if you have experienced all such snowball of factors overtime on your curly hair, there are remedies to save your hair. While it can't happen miraculously overnight, once you start following these tips and tricks, the damage will tone down and it will rather improve the condition of your curly hair gradually.

Here are 9 strategies that will minimize the curly hair damage and give you voluminous hair yet again.

Harsh shampoos filled with chemicals like sulfate and parabens, it leads to disturbance in the hair's cuticle and leaves your hair very much open to damage.

In such cases, you should look for a cleanser that has low pH and boosts moisture in your curly hair. It will help keep your hair clean and healthy. Use a gentle cleanser that will replenish the moisture level and also comes with antioxidant-rich natural oils.

Deep Condition

Deep Condition

Nourish your curls with deep conditioning to restore their health and vitality.

Your dry curly hair need to be saved, and hence you need to analyze the source of damage. is it food or the radicals that you are using? It can be anything that will only worsen the problem and make your hair frizzy and damaged ultimately.

To stop this, a deep conditioner weekly is what is suggested. Infuse your hair with the goodness of nutrients, this, in turn, will hydrate your hair and leave it feeling soft and lessen the chances of any damage.

Oil Treatments

Now is the time to make the most of the situation and treat your hair. While we are all in self-quarantine and are finding ways to cope during such times, taking good care of your hair, will prove to be beneficial.

Using oil for your hair, will relax the frizz and add instant shine. It will in turn also strengthen the ends and seal the moisture as well of your hair.

Natural oils that are packed with minerals and vitamins will help your overall hair.

Lower The Temperature Of Your Tools

The magical wand can do wonders to your hair and transform the dull unruly hair, into voluminous hair. But with all this comes a price of damaged hair, which you really do not want to face.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is keeping the temperature of our tools on high, thinking that it means less amount of time being consumed. But in reality, this damages coarse hair.

Skip it completely and use it only and only when you need it. There are other formulas as well that can help you. When you use hot styling tools like curling iron & curly hair dryer, never forget to apply heat protection products on your hair.

Handle Wet Hair Well

Wet hair is vulnerable to breakage and damage as well. It doesn't matter what your hair type is but when you rub your hair hard with a towel and then use a brush on it, you will end up losing ton loads of hair.

Experts recommend that you wait for a while and then use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. Gently blot your hair with a towel or you can use a microfiber cloth as well, as it lessens the chances of friction.

Indulge In Healing Hair Masks

damaged curly hair

Pamper your hair with a nourishing mask for ultimate shine and softness.

Hair masks are your best bet and are really helpful to give your hair some deep conditioning. When you use it on damp hair, it stays put and nourishes every follicle like a dream. The masks have reparative and moisturizing ingredients like oils and other natural remedies, that will instantly help change your hair game.

Since there will be a lack of availability of such exotic items in the market at the moment, you can make a healing mask at home by using egg yolk, mayonnaise and honey paste on your hair. Keep it on for half an hour and then wash it off. Your hair will have that bounce, without your follicles getting damaged.

You can do the same with the help of aloe vera gel as well. Just take out the gel and use it on your hair. Once you do so, keep it on for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Do this once a week, for better results.

Trim Your Split Ends

damaged curly hair

Say goodbye to split ends with regular trims and nourishing hair products.

When your hair starts getting damaged at the ends, you have trim it to control the damage. To prevent the damage and to keep your hair supple and strong at all hours, firstly you need to use leave-in conditioners and leave-in creams.

Now that you are in quarantine, you can give yourself a trim at home as well. It is super easy and can be done with your kitchen scissors and a comb. You don't need to chop off the entire hair length, but just a little to dust off the ends, and keep it unfrayed.

Never Let Your Hair Feel Thirsty

Dry skin looks dull and you have to keep it moisturized so it is safe from all sorts of conundrums. The same applies to your hair as well. You cannot leave your hair damaged and dull as it continues to become more fragile and brittle.

Embrace a routine that has a hydrating shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and also a leave-in product to prevent your hair from feeling weak at all hours.

Shampoo Wisely

A sulfate-free shampoo is your best bet and you need to stick to natural ingredients to repair damaged hair. Don't wash your hair too frequently. If your hair feels greasy, use dry shampoo for it. And finally, don't use hot water to wash your hair, rather go for cold or lukewarm water. When you do this, your hair cuticle will be safe and result in smoother hair.

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