Achieving Great Curly Bangs Is Not A Dream Anymore: A DIY Guide

Quite right. Achieving great curly bangs is indeed easy—as easy as dreaming it. But it doesn’t end with just dreaming about it, you can achieve it very easily and with good effect.

Basically, everything depends on the cut. Yeah, styling bangs are difficult, in fact, it’s an art to get them right. And if you have curly hair, you can make your fringe do exactly as you want it to.

The Shape of Your Face: Do Curly Bangs Suit It?

If you’re thinking of getting curly bangs, remember that they will give your face a soft expression. Now, let’s consider the shape of your face and see whether curly bangs would look good on you:

The Shape of Your Face

Curly bangs can soften any look - here's how to determine if they're right for you

  • Oval-shaped face: The most versatile shape in faces, you'd look good in any hairstyle, and certainly with bangs. Go for it!
  • Round face: Side-swept bangs would suit you.
  • Square faces: Choose heavier bangs in the middle of your forehead.
  • Heart-shaped face: Avoid getting a full fringe but go in for side-swept bangs.

Thick or Thin Hair

A thick or thin hair also impact curly bangs.

  • Thick hair: For your thick hair, go in for chunky bangs.
  • Thin hair: Light and wispy bangs go well with thin hair.


Climate impacts curly bangs greatly, so take great care of them by trimming them often, keeping them hydrated with styling cream and don’t ignore them that they develop frizz.

What Makes Achieving Curly Bangs Easy as Pie

Achieving curly bangs is really easy. In fact, on close inspection, you’ll find that there are just three important factors that will help you get great bangs effortlessly. Here they are for you:

curly bangs

Three secrets to achieving effortless curly bangs

1. Get them cut by a stylist who knows all about cutting curly hair

Instead of curly hair has little or no room to form curls, so it ends up just hanging there, causing frizz. To overcome this problem, stylists now focus on each hair section so that they can go by the curl’s natural movement that ends up giving a better natural curl.

2. Keep your curly hair hydrated

Your hair needs to be hydrated at all times. So, use hydrating products and keep your hair healthy and lustrous. The styling cream you use should be water-based and free of sulfates as these compounds strip your hair of its natural oils and create split ends.

curly bangs

Make a splash with hydrated curls

3. Use a diffuser

By using a diffuser, your hair will get more and better natural waves and curls without making your hair look frizzy.

How to use a diffuser

4. Try out different styles and use a variety of accessories

To learn to style your hair, try out different ways of parting your hair and see the effect. Also, use several products and techniques and zone in on your best everyday hairstyle with bangs. See what works for you and see what shows off your facial features best.

If you have dense curly hair, go with tiny or micro-bangs which emphasize their shortness.

5. What’s the best look for you?

You might like to take a middle parting and have bangs on either side of it, or you might like to have side bangs or micro-bangs. Much depends on the quality and quantity of your hair, your facial features, and the way you carry yourself. These three determinants will decide which bangs are right for you.

How your hair parts is one other way of deciding which bangs style to go with.

6. Your bangs style should match your lifestyle

curly bangs

Bangs or no bangs? Consider your lifestyle before making the cut.

If you are completely extrovertish, sporty or are always on the go, you should think hard before getting bangs, or you'll always find them getting in your way. Finally, you'll have to keep them off your face by using a headband. Do you want to fuss over yourself to this extent?

7. Use heat tools

To achieve the best bangs, you need to use curling irons, blow dryers and straighteners, despite the damage they can do to your hair. In fact, blow-drying is imperative, and you must do this regularly. And yes, don't forget to use heat protection spray when using any heat tool.


There are many hairstyles you can combine with curly bangs, such as a shag, curtain bangs, short curly hair with bangs, among others. These styles may call for some amount of maintenance, but if you always want to look your 100%, you have to work hard at it, don't you?

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