10 Best Travel Hair Dryer Reviews (Buying Guide 2024)

When it comes to traveling to a destination, where it is going to be all about waking up to a sunny morning and taking a truckload of selfies, women won't take a chance to leave that.

But while all that's true, to do so, looking good and stunning at the travel destination is also quite important. While packing or making a checklist of all the essentials, a thing that needs to definitely go in this luggage bag has to be a hair dryer.

These days, one would assume that most of the hotels or Airbnbs that you book would have a hair dryer, but do you really want to take a chance? What if your hair suddenly decides to change its mood in a different climatic condition?

For that, Investing in the best travel hair dryer is exactly what you need to do as it not only proves vacay friendly but is your mate when you want to stand out during this vacation.

Travel hair dryers are comparatively smaller in size and don't take up a lot of space in your luggage bag, which means you can easily stow extra clothes without having to worry about the dryer.

So now, take your pick, as we have compiled the best travel hair dryer and reviews of 2024 that proves size is no big deal while traveling but your hair and your style are quite important.

If a travel hair dryer had a definition of being perfect for the vacay, the award would go to BabylissPRO Nano hair dryer.

This ​travel size hair dryer has an enormous heat setting and powers up real high at 1000 W performance. With an impeccable 6 speed settings, along with a cool shot and a concentrator nozzle that offers various styling options, this one is your best bet when you want to stow something small yet amazing in your bag.

The hair dryer has the full potential to dry your hair stat and distribute heat in an even manner. Not just that, this hair dryer claims to grant maximum softness and shine to your hair.

It eliminates frizz and will leave your hair all de-tangled, so you are ready for the beach or stepping out for shopping, quickly. It basically has all the features you would expect from a bulky hair dryer.

Add to that, it has an ultra-lightweight design along with the folding handle, so you can stow it safely and also have a comfortable drying sesh.

If you want to bless your hair with some special treatment and goodness while you are on a vacay, give this ionic lightweight dryer a chance to be in your beauty arsenal.

This hair dryer is one of the best travel blow dryer you will come across, guaranteed. Firstly, the dryer can minimize static and it conditions your hair like a dream.

Another great feature about this travel​ sized hair dryer is that it is a dual voltage hair dryer, meaning you change its settings as per the country you are in. It has 2-speed settings and 2 heat settings.

The other reason why you gotta grab this hair dryer is that it literally dries your hair within 10 minutes whilst also adding that shine to it.

Furthermore, this impressive travel blow dryer also has a narrow concentrator with focused airflow, and with better styling power, your hair will stay just as it is with this stunning product.

The hair dryer claims to keep your hair untangled and frizz-free, which is exactly what you want while you are on a vacay, right?

If you are looking for an advanced hair dryer, check out StyleCraft PeeWee's hair dryer that is bound to meet your hairstyle needs.

This hair dryer is the best dual voltage hair dryer out there, which also comes with a diffuser. Not just that, it also has Tri-Plex Technology. Wondering what that is?

Say, you want keratin like hair at home, then this hair dryer with its ceramic and tourmaline technology can easily give smooth, frizz-free hair, along with shine to your hair.

If you are a girl who is a curly-head, then this hair dryer is not just the best travel mate out there, but also the only hair dryer to keep your hair sane.

This model has a 1200w motor with foldable handles which is made for compact storage. Furthermore, this one also comes with a built-in stand, designed for your convenience while drying your hair.

When you want to give the hair dryer some cleaning sesh, all you need to do is remove the filter and clean it off. Travel with this anywhere, as it's the best dual voltage hair dryer available.

Along with all this, the hair dryer also includes a concentrator and diffuser, all this at $40, which is a great deal.

Touted as one of the most flexible hair dryers in the market, Andis hair dryer is the one to take home. The reason why we say that is because this dryer comes with a retractable cord that will help keep the compact hair dryer handy while packing.

Coming to its main features, this dryer is no standard one and does the job of drying your hair pretty well. With tremendous drying power, this one is the most impressive model infused with the latest technology.

Furthermore, it has ceramic construction and it emits negative ions, which grants exceptional results. The hair dryer promises to keep your hair conditioned and it does not sacrifice on your hair's health.

The hair dryer is like a complete package and ticks all the boxes right. Moreover, it has three heat settings and airspeed so you have a great hairstyle by the end of your hair drying sesh. Plus, the cool shot button added to it makes sure you are enjoying your vacay and not spending more time drying your hair.

The incredible 1875 watt power of this hair dryer makes it a worthy purchase, giving you salon-like hair, even when you are vacationing.

A hair dryer that's equal parts of function and style, is BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium hair dryer. One of the most compact hair dryers out there, this one comes in a sleek, fashionable design.

This is one of the best portable hair dryers, with a compact structure, foldable handle along with dual voltage making. This dryer is so good that it can fit anywhere.

Furthermore, the titanium property of this dryer is a bonus for you, as this quality makes it highly durable. The cherry on top of this hair dryer is it has super powerful hair drying quality, which emits natural ions, that don't create any frizz. Isn't that amazing?

Tourmaline is known to spread far-infrared heat that penetrates deep and lets your hair stay healthy while looking gorgeous at all hours.

Touted as the most travel-friendly item, this one definitely goes in our list of best hair dryers, for its fatigue-free hair styling power, with six heat/speed settings which are as good as any of the bulky hair dryers. Check it out now!

Looks fantastic and feels amazing! GHD's professional hair dryer is the one you need for surprisingly faster hair drying power.

This hair dryer has many winning factors which make it a good deal, not just for your wallet but also your hair. It instantly dries your hair, without causing any damage, ​especially when you are traveling.

Furthermore, it is developed using ionic technology which helps lock the moisture in your hair, making it look smoother and shiny. Believe us, you won't even need a dollop of hair serum when you use this small hair dryer.

Coming to more features of this hair dryer, it is a testament of high quality and design. With its luxurious aesthetics, this hair dryer has 2 power settings and 2 heat settings, along with a cold shot button, inside the handle.

The hair dryer is called the award-winning hair dryer which gives exceptionally salon-like hair within no time. Even though the hair dryer appears a tad bit bulkier than other models, it is light when you bring it to use and balances itself well with its ergonomic design.

Customer feedback claims that this hair dryer also removes frizz and adds extra bounce. It gets extra points for its performance as well.

We bet that when you look for a hair dryer, you want it to be efficient, comfortable, and definitely affordable. Now, to get all of those things just in one item, here's Berta's dual voltage hair dryer.

Made in a super sleek, futuristic design, this innovative travel blow dryer is a safe one that you can pack while you are on the go as it folds really well and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

This hair dryer is infused with ionic technology. Furthermore, it is fast and a safe styling tool that will make your hair look healthier and happier.

This dual voltage travel hair dryer has a tourmaline ceramic outlet grill which helps in creating more intense and focused airflow for your hair.

Not just that, this hair dryer enhances your hair's moisture level and adds more shine to it whilst reducing frizz. Your hair will be dry within 10 minutes, and you can also hang it while using it, thanks to its hang loop base, attached to the power cord.

This best mini hair dryer has 1875W with a DC motor, which is a fantastic bet for a hair dryer. Try it out!

Looking for a compact yet stylish hair dryer? Then take a good look at Conair's hair dryer, which is not just well known for its excellent construction but even famous for its high drying power.

This is a pint-sized blow dryer by Conair, which is feather-like and compact, which makes it useful for travel days. It's a stunning product that is infused with tourmaline ionic technology, that fights hair issues like frizz and tangled hair.

Add to that, this is also one of the most affordable little dryers, that is available in the beauty aisle for you. Customers have constantly raved about this product and said how amazingly powerful this dryer is.

Even though it's small in size, the dryer does the job of a pro hair dryer. It appears basic but with its two heat settings and speed settings, it just does the job right. To keep it compact and intact, the mini hair dryer folds real nice, ​which made it the ​best compact hair dryer.

Also, for less than 20$, this hair dryer comes with dual voltage settings that add smoothness and shine to your hair. Moreover, you can't miss out on the concentrator which gives precision to your hairstyle.

Besides offering tremendous power for your hair and having great drying efficiency, this hair dryer comes in a lightweight design and is the most impressive one out there.

This travel hair dryer, particularly, is the smallest hair dryer you will find in the market. Even though it looks like a toy, it has a serious punch. The hair dryer comes with 1000W which is made with ceramic that helps emit infrared heat.

It's quite powerful and makes your hair dry quickly, with minimal fuss, and adds max shine to it. This tiny hair dryer was made keeping in mind a traveler's life and it definitely works while you are on the go.

The machine is literally weightless and feels feather-like. Furthermore, even though this is a compact design hair dryer, it still has dual voltage capabilities, which makes it easy for you to switch settings as well.

This mighty mini is also affordable and is available offline and online as well. Coming to more of its features, this one is a great deal for an international adventure. It also has a diffuser attached to it, which delivers excellent results.

Add to that, the hair dryer stays safe as it comes with an adorable travel pouch, which will make the storage bit even easier for you. Don't miss out on this one.

While you are on the go, compact hair dryers are your best bet to look fashionable on your vacay. These little hair dryers dry your hair like a dream and if this is what you need, take a look at T3's featherlight hair dryer.

Firstly, this hair dryer as the name suggests is literally quite light. The hair dryer wins points for its minimalist design and is available in stylish colors. Below 2 pounds, this hair dryer stays in your hand, without making you feel fatigued.

It has two power settings and two heat settings. Add to that, it comes with a long cord as well which will help you fold it correctly when it's not in use. The t3 model also has dual voltage settings, which makes it the best one for travel.

This model also has a concentrator that helps the airstream flow in one direction, so that you have smooth hair follicles by the end of the drying session.

Perfect for blowouts, this hair dryer also has a scratch-resistant surface. Add to that, you can tag it along wherever you like as this one comes with a storage tote. The dryer emits negative ions that lock moisture in your hair and further enhance hair shine and reduce frizz.

So for whatsoever reasons you are going to travel, a hair dryer is a must-pack item and these are some of the best ones out there. They make sure that all your focus lies in planning the itinerary and not on ruminating over which hair dryer to get.

While these are some of the best ones, ever wondered how to shop for them? Basically, what to look for in a travel hair dryer? Here are all the things that you need to consider before laying your hands on a dryer.

What Is A Dual Voltage Hair Dryer?

A dual voltage hair dryer is no different than usual ones but it's just that the settings of this one are a little different and need to be considered highly important as you would be traveling to a different country.

If you are headed to the US, usually the voltage there is lesser than in Europe which is 120 volts and 240 volts respectively.

A dual voltage hair dryer will include two settings just to make sure that you are safe when you are traveling and can use both the settings.

But when you do so, you will also have to carry an adapter with it, just in case, it does not fit right or something goes wrong.

Most of the hair tools in the market including hair straighteners and curlers usually use up a lot of electricity and to function right, it becomes vital to know their voltage before making the final purchase.

Since every country has a different voltage, if you plug electronics with a higher voltage, it might end up blowing the fuse or in some cases, burn your hair as well and you definitely don't want that.

How Do I Know If My Hair Dryer Is Dual Voltage?

Coming to how to know if it's dual voltage, well all you need to do is check before you buy the final hair dryer.

The power label needs to say 2 volts and if it does so, you are lucky. Now, no matter where you go, you can use this globally and your travel hair dryer will be all by your side when you need it.

When you check the power label it needs to either say 120/220-240 V or 120 ~ 220V AC. If it does, it is absolutely a dual voltage hair dryer.

So this is some insight into how to look for a dual voltage hair dryer but there are some more things that you need to consider before making the final purchase. Check this out.


A travel hair dryer even though it is compact needs to have a good airflow power to make sure your hair drying experience is good while you are on a vacay.

The watts determine the drying power. If they come with a high wattage, they usually dry your hair faster. However, these high ones can damage your follicles and hence conventional hair dryers are made with an ideal wattage of 1200-1800 W which helps your hair stay shiny and smooth.


Weight is a crucial factor since you are going to shop for a travel hair dryer. Choosing the one that hardly has any weight and can fit in your bag, without occupying much space is the one that you need to get.

In an ideal scenario, the hair dryer should weigh less than 1 pound.


Most of the hair dryers available in the market come with attachments that include a concentrator and diffuser.

The concentrator helps manage airflow, giving perfect heat for your hair while a diffuser spreads the airflow in all the directions. It also tames your strands and ensures the flow is soft, so your hair gets dry gently.

Adjustable Heat Settings

When a hair dryer has adjustable heat settings, you can adjust the temperature and use the right one for your hair. Low heat settings are ideal for all hair types but for fine hair, it works the best.


Now that you are going to purchase a travel hair dryer, it in no way means that it has to be cheap. It is an investment that will stick with you for years to come.

While choosing one, don't go for something super affordable and weigh all your options. The more money you pay, the better features you get, the logic is that simple.

Bottom Line

So these are the top picks when it comes to travel hair dryers. They are the best travel hair dryer in the market right now and you should definitely lay your hands on either of them so you can have the best time of your life while on a vacay.

These, we guarantee, are the best travel hair dryer 2024. So whatever your budget is and no matter where you are going, these are the ones that will suit your bag and hair.

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