9 Best Diffuser For Curly Hair (Reviews & Guide)

If you have curly hair, you already know what you are dealing with. This hair type requires a lot of care and attention and to achieve that, you would have reached out for several hair care products that claim to tame down your mane.

But, have you ever looked up for the best diffuser for curly hair? Chances are you have but if not, let us tell you that it's a holy grail for curly hair that you should definitely give a shot.

Hair diffusers are unlike your average blow dryer. This equipment disperses gentle airflow and will help dry your curls, whilst preventing the frizz. Moreover, for volume, this is the best one to kiss your hair with.

While there are so many beauty products in the market including leave-in conditioner, hair clips, curl cream, standard hair dryer, etc. diffusers have proven to be the best equipment for curly hair.  They aren't made in the same manner, rather there are different types, which will lend you different results.

So, for you to parse through your kind of hair diffuser, we have compiled a list of 9 best hair diffusers that will certainly help your curly, coiled hair. Our list comes with a buying guide so that you are well informed and make the right choice and buy a perfect diffuser for yourself. Check it out.

The thing about Drybar The Bouncer Diffuser is that it helps keep a check on your curly hair. The round-shaped attachment is quite gentle on the hair and guarantees to give voluminous hair, with no frizz, and adds definition to the curls.

The best hair dryer with diffuser that goes with Buttercup and Baby Buttercup, it can still be attached to many other types of hair dryers. The staggered prongs of the diffuser catch the hair easily and dry it without clumping the hair.

To get the best out of this diffuser attachment, attach the nozzle to your dryer and set the temperature settings to low or medium heat. Begin using this at the ends first and allow your curls to form a shape.

This best hair diffuser is unlike a traditional diffuser and gives a perfect blowout. The vibrant hue of this punchy diffuser grabs the attention and within the next 15 minutes, your hair will be blessed with the goodness of this hair dryer with diffuser.

It does what it claims and gives a bouncy, natural texture. Believe us, you will be strutting out the door, with a big smile on your face with this hair product.

The reason why you should bank on Segabeauty's diffuser is that it's known to give even distribution of air onto your wavy hair, turning it into bouncy curls.

Infused with ionic technology, this ​best hair diffuser retains moisture, which is one of the important features to look for in a hair diffuser. Segabeauty's diffuser comes in a perfect size and users have described it as a styling tool that gives salon-like hair.

As for the design aspect, this innovative diffuser has a large drying surface, that allows an amazing grip. The enhanced finger lengths are a fantastic choice if you have layered curls.

Unlike other diffusers that fall flat and will blow your hair everywhere, this diffuser goes deep and avoids the issue of clumping the hair together.

The multiple teeth throw out concentrated flow and the unwanted dryness gets eliminated. While doing so, you can always spin the equipment to change the airflow.

Segabeauty's hair diffuser is designed with premium quality nylon and rubber material that outlasts other flimsy diffusers. Compatible with most of the hair dryers, this quick-drying equipment will make your life easier with its finger vents.

Okay, a ​curly hair diffuser available for just ten dollars? Yes, ten dollars with an amazing review? It's possible with Conair Volumizing Diffuser. Even though this diffuser is inexpensive, you can't miss out on its goodness with its infrared technology.

Conair is a very popular hair styling tools brand, which is why this diffuser falls in the affordable category. It sends out a good degree of airflow while making your hair voluminous and adding a natural curl pattern.

The universal finger diffuser, when attached to a hair dryer model sculpts the hair while elevating its natural shine. The finger extensions of this diffuser go as far as every hair stand. The product claims that it fits many types of hair dryers.

All you need to do is, pop this little baby onto your hair and in a flash, you will be out of your door with perfect curls. The efficient drying capabilities of this diffuser are bliss for your hair strands.

This Bio Ionic Universal Diffuser is a lightweight diffuser that's designed for Bio Ionic dryers along with other hot tools. One of the favorite diffusers, this one is made with 12 air outlets that dramatically cuts down the drying time for your wavy hair.

This diffuser is made with a natural volcanic mineral that adds hydration to your hair strands and works like a magic wand, preventing any sort of heat damage. Furthermore, quality is the key here. This diffuser comes with the added flexibility of adjusting the airflow and taming the curls, which is why most of the reviewers have given it a big thumbs up.

The ionic technology is ultra-lightweight and is made with a diameter of 2,25". It controls heat damage, with its heat-resistant power. Additionally, the slide on diffuser with its fingers can uplift your hair's texture.

Some more incredible qualities of this best ​curly hair diffuser are that it helps keep your hair shiny and reduces frizz. It's super gentle on the scalp and is suitable for thick as well as fine hair.

But if you are looking for a budget buy, this is probably not the best option for you, as it's a bit on the expensive side.

Do you have fine hair and you are constantly worried about how to dry it? Then give Hairizone's hair diffuser a try. Since a hair dryer can throw harsh heat, this diffuser disperses gentle air and distributes it evenly on every hair strand.

This blow dryer diffuser, just like the name says is adaptable with many blow dryers. The patented product comes with lockable buttons. With a diameter of 6", the diffuser with its infrared technology works well on damp curls.

There are 211 air holes, which bring natural shine and bounce to the hair. The best part about this diffuser is that it dries hair quickly and promises to not damage the hair follicles.

Besides that, if you are into aesthetics and don't want to lay your hands on a basic black colored diffuser, this one comes with six different pastel hues.

And more importantly, it has a wide bowl to dry super long curls as well. Isn't that a great deal? The only con we have found with this ​best hair diffuser is that it can fit any average hair dryer, but when it comes to packing it, it can be a bit bulky.

One of the most affordable hair dryer diffusers that works the best for curly hair is Estinka's hair dryer diffuser in black color. This blow dryer diffuser is a steal deal. Reviewers have said that the uniquely designed diffuser dries hair faster than any other method.

If you have a thing for innovative hand-shaped diffusers, this is yet another design that you can opt for. Additionally, this ​curly hair diffuser throws simultaneous airflow with its styling fingers and lends tighter and thick curls with its high heat.

Moreover, this diffuser has an inner diameter of 2.2 inches. Made of high-quality plastic material, this one is quite durable and is super lightweight to carry around.   This soft curl diffuser is designed for curly, wavy, thicker hair as well as permed hair.

With this product, all you need to do is take the hair in this wind cover disk, and just after a few minutes, your hair will be dry completely, giving you a natural curl pattern.

The only con with the diffuser is that it is not a universal size, which means it won't fit all the hair dryer models. But even then, this is the best compact and travel-friendly ​curly hair diffuser that will instantly make your hair shinier.

Hair diffusers can be super bulky but when it comes to a lightweight diffuser, reviewers swear by Curly Co. Collapsible Hair Diffuser. Be it your duffle bag or your bathroom cabinet, this collapsible diffuser is the best companion for your upcoming vacation.

This collapsible silicone diffuser is one of the best styling tools in the market, especially for curly hair.

The diffuser comes with a flexible material that blends perfectly in a hair dryer. When you are willing to pack it, this one becomes flat and gets a packable shape, to slide right into your bag.

Moreover, this diffuser guarantees to keep your tresses smooth and shiny. It adds volume to flat curls and eliminates frizz.

This diffuser is solid gold, especially when you are traveling with your travel hair dryer. Designed with a connection diameter of 2.25" inches and diffuser diameter of 5.25", this one lends beautiful curls. Try it out.

SindycurlsMagic hair diffuser is one of the most flexible and collapsible diffusers available in the market. It is made with silicone material, which means the product can lay flat when you are packing your bags for your upcoming vacation and it can stretch when you wish to attach it to the blow-dryer's nozzle.

Speaking more into the details of this product, it falls between 1.6 to 2 inches. The bowl is wide enough which is beneficial for long hair whereas the prongs are for short, coily hair.

This diffuser is an all-rounder that factors in a lot of good points. Firstly, this soft curl diffuser adds extra volume and gives hair an amazing lift with its infrared technology, irrespective of the hair length and hair type. Add to that, it guarantees extra shine and gorgeous looking natural texture.

This one works for permed, wavy, and curly hair. Just add some wave spray in the end and you are good to go!

The large drying surface pops on and off stat and you don't need to fumble around with the cool shot button to snap on the accessory. With its flexible shape, this diffuser fits most of the hotel blow dryers.

It also has a unique volumizing design that dries hair faster, which means you don't have to prep for long and will be all set to take on the day.

Damp curls can be a common problem, but once you set your hair into this diffuser, you will love the way it enhances the hair texture.

So these are some amazing hair dryer diffuser that we shortlisted from a massive list for you. Now, after scouring the best ones, you might have some questions on how to buy the right one, since we have spoilt you with so many choices.

Adding that extra shine to your hair is now easy and you don't have to keep searching for a diffuser combo on the internet all the time. Save this guide on your phone to lay your hands on favorite diffusers. Believe us, your curls will thank you for it!

A universal diffuser that has won several awards to be the best diffuser in the market is DevaCurl DevaFuser; Universal Hair Diffuser.

Celebrity hairstylist Daniel Koye says that this is her favorite green diffuser as this gets inside the hair and dries it till the scalp. This one is better than a hot sock diffuser and does the job of working on the curly mane quite well.

You might be thrown off by the strange design of this diffuser, but let us tell you that this is a holy grail for curly hair.

The claw-like design spreads air everywhere, which comes out of the branches and helps dry curly hair, giving it a natural hair texture. The hair frizz comes down significantly with the drying vents.

Instead of grabbing all your hair into this classic diffuser cup, just put this Devacurl Diffuser near your roots and see it get stuck. You can be relaxed while it's doing the job of giving you bouncy curls!

As for the details of the material, it's made with a new ceramic technology that retains the texture and adds a natural wave to the hair without disrupting its shape.

Add to that, the rubber nozzle makes sure that it fits most of the dryers and the finger comb works smoothly on the hair. This is specifically made to give you luscious curls!

Things to consider before buying the Best diffuser for curly hair

Decreased Drying Time

While this is a no-brainer, you need to check the quality of the diffuser before buying it. The resistant material, the large surface area, and the airflow outlets are quite responsible for giving the hair its wavy texture.

With little extra assistance, your hair will be dry within a few minutes. Hence, before you buy any diffuser, check for these qualities and make a wise decision.

Consider The Bowl Size

Hair diffusers are not made equal and come in varied shapes and sizes. While some have a large dome-like structure, a few others are smaller in size.

The reason why the bowl size is important is to check the amount of air and the negative ions it can distribute to your hair. The ones that come with a huge bowl are designed for the curly mane to give it the right definition. When you opt for a low heat setting and high heat option, it will help tighter curl type.

Spikes & Fingers

The tips of the diffuser are what we call as spikes or fingers. The fingers of the vent diffusers decide if it will fit a hair dryer or not.

The finger comb's purpose is to hold your hair together and diffuse the air, from the blow dryer and onto your hair. This helps in drying your hair faster, without deteriorating the hair texture.


Be it an old blow dryer or a professional blow dryer, a diffuser is designed in different shapes and sizes, to fit any type of hair dryer.

The slide on diffuser has to fit the hair dryer that you already own or plan to buy. Universal diffusers will fit on the other hand fit any hair dryer out there. To make sure that the one you are buying is the right size, Check Diffuser Hair Dryer first, then measure the nozzle diameter of the dryer as well as the inner diameter to get the right size.

This will help you buy the correct diffuser as per your blow dryer.


To get a perfect dried look with your curls, it is also important to take into consideration the strength of the equipment.

If it is fragile and grants only little volume, it's probably not the best hair dryer diffuser. Rather look at a diffuser as an investment, something you would like to use for years to come. It is best if you find a diffuser which lasts long and stands the test of time.

Ease Of Use

To ensure that your time is hassle-free when you are using a ​​curly hair dryer diffuser, look at the comfort level that it's offering. If it's too bulky, it can increase the drying time whereas a lightweight option will help you do it faster.

Getting more into the details of it, if you like to dry your hair quickly in the mornings and if you have thick hair, it's always best to go for a cup diffuser with prongs. The heat in it is powerful for your hair and there's no need for towel drying with this method.

If you have wavy hair, you might want to consider buying a sock diffuser, as it gets into the small section of your hair and the gentle airflow doesn't bother the curls, but it might increase the drying time.

For tight curls, you can lay your hands on a palm-like diffuser. The warmth of this device is tender and it can be inserted in most of the dryers.

F​A​Q​s About ​Best ​Hair ​Diffuser

When you keep all these things in mind, it will be easier for you to lay your hands on the best hair dryer with a diffuser. While these are steps to consider before buying it, let's also dive into some frequently asked questions.

Firstly, What Is A Diffuser?

There are two types of diffusers, mainly universal finger diffuser and others that only fit a specific type of hair dryer. This device is mainly used to dry curly hair and the bowl attachment comes with airflow outlets which are called styling fingers that help with the drying process.

There is also a diffuser combo that you can buy, which comes with a dryer and a diffuser. Another diffuser type is, hot sock diffuser that's useful for the drying session. A ​curly hair dryer diffuser​ is every girl's BFF to thicker hair.

Will My Diffuser Sit Well With Any Hair Dryer?

Many hair dryers that are sold come with a diffuser. But, if they are sold separately, a few of them are made universal, meaning that they will fit any standard hair dryer.

The best way to go forward is by measuring the inner diameter of the nozzle to ensure that your diffuser fits the hair dryer.

The dome-shaped attachment sometimes will go flat, while few other hair diffusers will be extra wide. Hence the search for the one that sits well on your hair dryer. It helps in giving smooth textured hair while maintaining the curl length.

Is A Diffuser Good For Your Hair?

Yes, diffusers are the best way to dry your natural curls. It is merely impossible to dry it with a standard blow dryer, as the extreme heat can play up with your hair texture.

Instead, a diffuser cools the air and spreads it evenly on your hair, and hence they are a great styling tool, just like a curling iron or a hair straightener. It also reduces the drying process and time.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best diffuser for curly hair which will enhance and boost your curly hair. A hair diffuser is a blessing for those with curly hair, as it doesn't take as long as towel drying and is way better than damaging your follicles with a hair dryer. These are your best bet, go for it!

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