Best Dual Voltage Curling Iron Of 2024 – [Reviews & Guide]

Dual Voltage Curling Iron

A dual voltage curling iron is a portable convenience for your hairdo. No matter if you need to travel frequently and you love to maintain beautiful hair curls, a good quality dual voltage curling iron can be your savior.

Now comes the billion-dollar question. As there are loads of brands selling the self-proclaimed the ideal dual voltage curling iron, you have to research and find the best in its category. But how to find the best out of many?

Before taking any further and knowing about different nuances for using a dual voltage hair curler, let’s check our Top Eight selections. Here we have strolled the market and have selected eight (8) dual voltage curling iron models for your final choice. Take a look at our product list here:

Product Name Barrel Size Heat up Time Technology Used Heat Settings Best Price

Bed Head Curlipops

1 inch 30 seconds Tourmaline Ceramic Multiple setting

PHOEBE Mini Travel Curling Iron

1/3 inch 30 seconds Tourmaline Ceramic Multiple setting

Xtava Twist

1- 1.5 inch 30 seconds Tourmaline Ceramic 22 setting

SwanMyst Curling Iron

1 inch 30 seconds Tourmaline Ceramic 3 setting

Travel Flat Iron 2-in-1

3.5/8 inch 40 seconds Tourmaline Ceramic 2 setting

AmoVee 2 in 1 Mini Flat Iron

1 inch 30 seconds Tourmaline Ceramic Multiple setting

Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Wand

0.35-0.71, 0.71-1 , 1-1, 1-1.25, 1.25-1.25 inch 30 seconds Tourmaline Ceramic 5 wands for different settings

Revlon Long Lasting Medium Curls

1 inch 30 seconds Tourmaline Ceramic 20 settings

​Best ​Dual ​Voltage ​Curling ​Iron Reviews

bed head tapered curling wand

​1. Bed Head Curlipops Tapered Curling Wand

​The features we have liked the most:

  • Tourmaline, Ceramic Technology supported ergonomic barrel helps in minimizing frizz and promote massive shine.
  • 1″ tapered barrel creates bouncy curls consistently.
  • The high heat of up to 400° F & dual voltage.
  • The privilege of heat protective glove is an advantage for your effort for no worry freestyling.
  • Tangle-free 6ft swivel cord is an added advantage.
  • The plug is two-pronged.
  • The manageable barrel length is really good for medium hair.

Bed Head Curlipops Tapered Curling Wand for Bouncy Natural Curls, 1” is a smart and sleek shaped dual voltage hair curler. The wand is built with tapered Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Iron. The heat protective glove is a bonus for your hand’s safety.

The wand is kink resistant, and the big Swivel cord is a tangle-free one.  It may go up to 400 degree F heat, which will help you in making both tight and loose curls. The curls will stay for long, which is an added advantage.

​The long cord is definitely a plus for comfortable use. It gets hot faster, which adds to its convenience of fast hair styling.

PHOEBE Mini Travel Curling Iron Hair Brush, 3/4 Inch Dual Voltage

​2. PHOEBE Mini Travel Curling Iron Hair Brush, 3/4 Inch Dual Voltage

​The features we have liked the most:

  • ​Smart look and sleek shape: completely portable.
  • ​It is lightweight; hence working with this curling wand is never a trouble.
  • ​It works fine with fine and coarse texture of hair.
  • ​Ceramic tourmaline barrel is healthy for hair styling: it has a lesser risk of hair damage.
  • ​The bristles are stuck preventive.  You can style your hair without the fear of getting stuck in the bristles.

Want to style your hair at home like salon expertise? Are you meticulous about your hair health? The wand will maintain the natural oil level of your hair by natural care of the hairs. Besides making beautiful curls, PHOEBE Mini Travel Curling Iron Hair Brush will take care of your hair safety and sustenance.

The curling wand is easy to carry and easy to use. The wand is safe to use as it has safety features inbuilt to save your beautiful hair from burning.  The dual voltage curler is storage friendly, you can store it in your travel bag or in bag pack.

Xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand - 1 to 1.5 Inch Professional Hair Wand

​3. Xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand – 1 to 1.5 Inch Professional Hair Wand

​The features we have liked the most:

  • ​​The ceramic tourmaline is a real pro in this curling wand.
  • ​The styling tool performs on ionic technology that eliminates static, controls frizz, and keeps hair looking and feeling healthy: it’s perfect and risk-free from dry, damaged, as well as for color treated hair.
  • ​The item is user-friendly: the temperature control feature is an added convenience.
  • ​The easy to read LCD display is a boon.
  • ​The tool is built with a temperature lock facility for retaining your deserving heat level.
  • ​The dual voltage facility is an added convenience:  110 – 240V AC temperature adjustment is a relief for travelers, and it comes with an adapter.
  • ​The 8 ft. long cord is helpful for its easy reach.
  • ​The styling wand comes with a 2-year warranty and money-back guarantee if the product is not satisfactory.

Do you love creating distinct ringlets and compact long lasting curls on your hair? If yes, don’t look further! Xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand – 1 to 1.5 Inch Professional Hair Wand will surely make your happy. The curling wand is small but doesn’t go in its size! It’s pretty smart!

The tapered barrel is made with ceramic, and it is hair friendly in its original features. No matter if you have long or short hair.  Xtava Twist Curl Curling Wand will take care of your hairdo.  There are 22 settings available, and you will get a safety glove to safeguard your hand.

SwanMyst Curling Iron Brush

4. ​SwanMyst Curling Iron Brush, Dual Voltage Travel-friendly

​The features we have liked the most:

  • ​​It’s multifunctional: it is a 3-in-one gadget, which you can use as an iron, normal comb, and straightening comb.
  • ​It is safe: Anti-scald nylon made bristles, and the big cool tip is safer from any burn injury.
  • ​There is hardly any tangling issue.
  • ​Tourmaline ceramic barrel for healthier hair emits negative ion and reduces frizz and stiffness of hair. Instead, it makes shiny and healthy hair while making curls.
  • ​It gets heated quickly: it takes around 30 seconds only.
  • ​These are different (3) heat setting arrangements.
  • ​It is suitable for three types of hair: 430℉ for thick/dense hair, 380℉ for medium volume hair, 320℉ for soft/ or thin hair.
  • ​It has an auto-off switch; it works after 40 min if kept idle.
  • ​Your purchase will be covered with 1-year replacement and 2-year warranty protection.

SwanMyst Curling Iron Brush is a facility and styling support integrated tool.  It is easy to use, and you can use it comfortably. Stylish travelers have found this travel size curling iron a perfect companion for their personal grooming.

The wand is anti-scald instant heat up curling tool.  This small but powerful 1 Inch tourmaline ceramic ionic hair curler is fun to use. It is travel-friendly and can be stored in any of your personal luggage.

Travel Flat Iron 2-in-1 Mini Hair Straightener Curling Iron

​5. Travel Flat Iron 2-in-1 Mini Hair Straightener Curling Iron Dual Voltage

​The features we have liked the most:

  • ​It’s truly versatile, storage-friendly and comes in a handy pouch
  • ​You can use it as your mini flat iron as well as a curling iron.
  • ​The universal curling iron is 11 inches long and can work promptly in your favorite mode.
  • ​The carry bag is heat resistant: immediate after use, you can place it in the bag.
  • ​The iron gets heated up to 375 degrees F: it’s safe for hair and acts faster in hair styling.

If you are looking for a storage-friendly quick heating and safe travel curling iron with dual voltage, you will find the Travel Flat Iron 2-in-1 Mini Hair Straightener Curling Iron a good option to buy.It is user-friendly and produces fabulous curls in almost no time.

This dual voltage hair curler can operate with 110-240 volt, and that makes it perfectly functional in the major part of the world. Regardless you are traveling to Europe, Asia, Africa or the American countries, this international curling iron will never ditch you.

AmoVee 2 in 1 Mini Flat Iron Curling Iron

6. ​AmoVee 2 in 1 Mini Flat Iron Curling Iron Travel Hair Straightener

​The features we have liked the most:

  • ​Multifunctional, smart, and portable, it is a good quality hair styling tool.
  • ​It will help you in doing lovely curls and glamorous straightening of your hair volume.
  • ​Made with titanium barrel it works faster and creates lovely curls without damaging hair health.
  • ​The dual curler comes with a handy bag.
  • ​Its worldwide compatibility is an added advantage of buying this travel size curling iron.
  • ​The purchase is warranty protected for 18 months.

The 2-in-one dual voltage iron is just perfect for different hairstyles like bobs, face-framing, bangs, long or short hair. The wand is an expert in creating both curls and straightening. Mid-size and dual voltage features are winning combo!

This AmoVee 2 in 1 Mini Flat Iron Curling Iron is indeed a thoughtful choice for its user-friendly features. Furthermore, it is easy to store, and it is travel-friendly in all the European countries. The dual voltage curler is handy to use, and curls are long lasting.

Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Wand

7. Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Wand Set

​The features we have liked the most:

  • ​Versatile for creating various hair styling.
  • ​User-friendly and safe to use.
  • ​Interchangeable parts: assembling and de-assembling are easy.
  • ​Its heat up time is 30 seconds only.
  • ​It has a 60-minute auto shut off feature if kept inactive.
  • ​Tourmaline ceramic coating of the barrels support moisture lock and hold curls for a longer time.
  • ​The swivel cord is UL certified.
  • ​The purchase is protected with 12 Month-Warranty and 60-day money back guarantee.

It is a 5-in-one curling wand that comes with five clipless wands. You can create five specific hairstyles. These are corkscrew curls, waves, big curls for body, bounce, and ringlets. If you love hair styling for every occasion, it is the best bait for you.

Needless to mention that the dual voltage iron is super portable and easy to use. Besides styling, it takes care of the hair. Heat up time is very limited, and the wand is safe to use. The cool end and the LCD display offer added convenience.

Revlon Long Lasting Medium Curls Curling Iron

​8. Revlon Long Lasting Medium Curls Curling Iron, 1″

​The features we have liked the most:

  • ​1″ barrel for creating long-lasting medium-sized curls and waves.
  • ​Triple Ceramic Coating on the barrel for less damage and less reduced frizz.
  • ​400°F optimal Heat, 20 Heat Settings, and safety features incorporated.
  • ​Auto shut off switch gets active after 60 min idle state.

Do you want to achieve beautiful hairstyle all by your own without damaging your hair health? If yes, Revlon long-lasting medium curls curling iron, 1″ will surely keep you happy. This triple ceramic coating wand will reduce frizz, lock moisture, and makes long lasting curls.

Configured with 20 different heat settings, this travel curling iron with dual voltage is perfectly suitable for all types of hair. It is not only a user-friendly styling appliance; it is safety features enabled too. The tool works worldwide because of dual voltage compatibility and heat up time is only 60 seconds.

The Best Dual Voltage Curling Iron: Guides & FAQs

We have already learned about our best dual voltage curling irons, let’s dig a bit further to learn more about a perfect dual voltage curling wand.

​What is a Dual Voltage Curling Iron?

A dual voltage curling iron is a portable hairstyling wand type iron. It is one such a model that can mechanically switch between 110-120V and 220-240V at the time of plugging it in the switchboard. It is completely handy a gadget that you can use at home for styling your hair.

This dual voltage curling iron is necessary for frequent travelers who travel overseas: it is well known for international travelers that different countries around the world use different voltages. Hence a versatile gadget is a better choice for these travelers, and dual voltage curlers are the best options for their hairdo.

These hair styling tools offer their machine-perfect hair styling support for any level of voltage which is available locally. Different plug-in systems, as well as different voltage output, is the main reason that normal curling irons may not work here.

These dual curling irons are compatible with dual voltage system. Moreover, these gadgets are compatible with most of the Plug Adapter systems. Use of a plug adapter makes it easier for you to use these dual voltage irons.

Dual voltage curling irons are mostly built with user-friendly features. These are:

  • ​The dual curling irons are suitable for use anywhere in the world. Since these are compatible with dual voltage, it does not need a converter. Connecting to a suitable adapter will do fine.
  • ​These are light in weight hence easy to carry.
  • ​Made with mostly compact designs. Hence they are travel-friendly.
  • ​These curling irons are fine in terms of good performance.

​​How to Choose Dual Voltage Curling Iron?

Only the look and the brands are not the basic parameters of buying a dual voltage curling iron for your hair styling. You should consider a few factors before buying the best most suitable dual voltage curling iron for you.


​You have bought the dual voltage wand for the facilitation of your hair styling. Most avid travelers need the gadget so that they can use the wand irrespective of the local electricity voltage. So portability is a prime factor. How to assess the best portability?

Check if the wand is

  • light in weight,
  • to place in your luggage,
  • And durable enough.

Product material:

​Barrel material of the dual wand is another deciding point.  Metal barrels are durable, and metal made wands are slightly cheaper in price. But hair stylists mostly prefer ceramic or tourmaline made barrels.

Not only the ceramic and tourmaline made barrels hardly exert strain on hair, but they are also lesser risky to burn hair strands. Moreover, these barrels are stable for releasing ions and infrared heat resulting in locking moisture and sheen in hair volume.

The barrel size:

​The size of the barrel of the dual voltage wand is a vital feature of a curling iron. This is the structure of the wand that stands responsible for creating tiny twisting curls, or easy flowing curls.

Usually, the smaller the barrel diameter is, the compact the curls will be. People having a soft nose for barrel curls usually settle for a dual voltage curling iron model with the heavier barrel. However, the ideal barrel can be either a cylinder-shaped or a cone-shaped.

Temperature system:

​Even temperature distribution is one of the most wanted features of the curling iron.  You can check from the users review if the iron gets evenly heated. Otherwise, you may not get the desired result in hair styling.

Plug-in system (USA/Europe or others)​

​Check the voltage compatibility of the curling wand that if it is compatible with a dual voltage system. Some models may have an adapter, or some models may have toggle converter switch. If you are frequent traveler, check if the dual curling iron will be compatible with the voltage supply of these countries.

Pros and Cons of a Dual Voltage Curling Iron

Like two sides of a coin, every gadget has its pros and cons.  A Dual Voltage Curling Iron is no exception to this rule.  Let’s check the advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons) of such a hair styling tool.


  • ​Dual curling wands are rightly portable and easy to carry. No matter wherever you are, you can maintain your hairstyle with these types of curling wands.
  • These wands are mostly lightweight. They are easy to use, which is a part of their user-friendly type.
  • Good quality curling irons are made with quick heat material.  It takes a few minutes to get them hot and start styling of hair.
  • These wands are quite durable and last for long. If you love hair styling and you can get it done, buying a Dual curling wand is a bliss.


  • ​Unless you buy an even barrel model, you may get your hair burned. It is always wise to get the hairstyling by some other one unless you know the curl setting by yourself.
  • Unless you know the mastery over the use of heat control, there is a risk of damaging your hair.
  • Adjustment of temperature and quick heat materials are always better for a dual voltage curling iron. Otherwise, the curling output may not be good enough.

Considering all the pros and cons, you have to buy the dual voltage curling iron so that you can style your hair safely, beautifully, and with faster turnaround time.  The wand should add to your convenience but never at your hassle for hair styling.

The Importance of Dual Voltage Curling Irons

If hair styling is the part of your regular hairdo and you need to travel frequently, a Dual Voltage Curling Iron is your best buy.

These hairstyle tools are versatile because of their dual voltage mode.  No matter you are off from your home country, dual voltage mode will help you to use the curling wand almost everywhere.  These curling wands are mostly slim and sleek in stature, hence can be packed with luggage at ease.

The curls made with these curling wands are highly steady and safe for hair styling. These styling irons are portable in their nature so that you can make happiness a part of your luggage.

These curling irons are plug and play model, and you can use it right from the first day. You can skip the importance of visiting hair parlor; instead, you can do your hair styling at home.  It is safe for hair, and it is safe for pocket also.

A dual voltage curling iron is a simple personal accessory for your hair styling. These tools help maintain a stylish profile at low cost.

Compatibility is the biggest advantage of a dual voltage curling wand: this is the reason these wands are called international travel curling iron.

A dual voltage curling iron works without a converter, which is definitely an advantage to count on.

These dual voltage curlers are sleek and smart in their shape, and that is easy to use at the farthest corner of hair for making compact curls if needed.

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How do I know if my curling iron is dual voltage?

​You need to check your product’s specification to be sure about its dual voltage compatibility feature.  In most of the products of this category, this specification is found mentioned in its feature list, which you can check for online purchase.

You may search online also against the brand and model you have shortlisted to be sure about its dual voltage curlers categorization.

Usually, you will find writing 110 volts or 220 volts on the packet. If you find that curling iron wattage is mentioned as 110 volts or 220 volts, you can be sure that it is not a dual voltage curling iron appliance.

Homework and online research is the best way to verify if the dual voltage curling iron is compatible with using in the country where you reside, or you will be traveling.  For example, if you are a frequent traveler to European countries, curling iron for Europe will be your best bait.

Also, you can check travel curling iron with dual voltage reviews to be sure of the product category of your selected appliance model.

Do I need an adapter, converter, or both?

​A power converter will alter the voltage but won’t modify the shape of the plug on your dual curling iron to fit in the types of wall outlet used in that location, so verify that the power converter has a suitable power adapter for that country else you may need to bring an additional power adapter.

Take note that an existing curling iron might not be suitable for travelling, and it may damage your hairdo planning.

Most US manufactured electrical appliances function at 110 volts. It is seen that Japan, most of North America, part of South America and the Caribbean countries use a voltage between 100 and 125, the majority of the world functions on 220 – 240 volts.

Check the label and/or consult the owner’s manual of your dual voltage hair curler before buying a converter, as it is perhaps intended to function at both 110/120 and 220/240 volts —mainly things like laptops, tablets, cameras, and smartphones, etc.

In this situation, you may need a plug adapter. If your appliance only works at 110 volts, you need to purchase a voltage converter. Heating appliances like dryers, hair styling irons, and other high-powered electrical appliances may need converters up to 2000 watts.

If you have a dual voltage hair styling appliance, you might be agreed to work with just an adapter.

What adapter should I get for my dual voltage hair curler?

​Wide verities of adapters available in the market that are well compatible with many devices.  These adapters are small, plug-like devices that you plainly just fit over the plug of your device to modify the shape of the plug according to the shape of the plug of the country you are presently in.

However, an adapter does not change the voltage of the electric supply. It never changes anything about the electric power supply, except for the outlet shape.

Adapters cannot prevent your electronic appliance that generates heat from shorting out. Yes, it may work in a balanced way with your dual voltage heat-generating electronics, but to be safe, it is always wise to use a power converter or transformer.

To be at the safer side, when you’re traveling with your best travel curling iron, it’s smart to invest in a combination type of adapter or converter, which is meant for travel and power supply with different voltage output. To be sure about your best bait, please check these factors before buy:

  • ​Check the voltage rating on your international curling iron.
  • ​Check the power rating: travel adapters cum converters can handle high watt appliances and travel transformers handle low watt devices.

Now you know what makes a dual voltage curling the best suitable for your purchase. Depending on all checklist mentioned in the review you can now select the dual voltage curling iron, that best matches for your styling need. You must tally the budget as well with your best pick.

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  1. I’ve had this PHOEBE Mini Travel Curling Iron Hair Brush for a solid couple of months now, so probably a good time to evaluate it. This was a fantastic buy! This curler is easy to use, heats up quickly, and makes it impossible to burn yourself. The heating rod is inside the bristles, which don’t get hot so you can hold your hair in place and not burn yourself. I recently cut my hair short and I use this to style my hair and give it volume, and it works perfectly. Oh yes, I love It……. Definitely recommend it!

  2. Appreciating the time and exertion you have pitched into your website and the depth of knowledge you provide. I honestly enjoyed reading your whole write-up. I am interested in purchasing this ​Bed Head Curlipops Tapered Curling Wand and would like to know that, does it have an auto shut-off button? Thanks!

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