8 Superb Ways To Get Volume In Your Curly Hair

Curly hair is a blessing and if you do have them, consider yourself blessed. Even though it might look as if you can't do much with them, there are versatile hairstyles that will turn heads, stat.

But, if, your glorious crown lacks luscious curls due to its fine texture, there are ways you can achieve the maximum level of volume for your hair. There are some tricks that you can follow to have mind-blowing texture along with voluminous hair that once almost seemed impossible to achieve.

So now, no more feeling inferior when you are scrolling on Instagram as the good news is about to get you started on this journey.

These hair-boosting techniques will give you fuller, glorious and shinier curls that you could only dream of once upon a time.

Make it happen!

Yes, these products should be your top priority. It’s the first thing you should remember. This method can make your hair look thicker by adding volume to it. There are different formulas available that will let you achieve the look you want. Stick to mousses or the ones that have a foam base. Work them into your roots and then slowly come to your ends.

This will lend more definition to your curls. If you need more hold and power for your hair, use some gel to keep your hair intact.

A Quick Hack To Wash Your Hair​

Wash Your Hair

Get your hair squeaky clean in no time with this quick hack!

A method that's tried and tested and is hands down the best one has to be washing your hair upside down. Try squish-to-condish method while applying your conditioner and then do the final rinse in the same position. You need to use all the products in an upside-down manner.

The method causes the roots to lend volume to your hair when it's all dry. Try it out.

Clips For Your Roots

It is a widely used technique for curly hair. It can look intimidating but it is a safe bet as described by some of the best hair experts. Using wrong types of clips can cause problems but if you stick to the ones designed for your curly hair, everything will be quite easy.

All you need to do:

  • Take small sections and make an O with your fingers and then insert the pin.
  • Make sure the mouth of the clip faces away from your hair roots.
  • Leave these clips on your hair for about 20 minutes and then gently remove them.

Check out some great clipping videos here!

Fluff With Your Fingers

A zero budget method that can make a great deal comes from you. We get a lot of time to think and while doing so, if you are squishing your hair, you are doing the right job. Keep doing that and good results will be on their way!

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Volume Powders

Wondering what can volume powders do? Volume powders are like a magic tool for your hair as they can instantly give volume to your roots. This trick solves the issue and if you have flat hair, it will come to your rescue and make your hair look quite luscious.

Use A Pick​

Use A Pick

Get ready to rock your curls with a hair pick - the perfect tool to add volume and definition.

A hair pick is a tool that stands as a must-have for your curly hair. This can help add volume just in the right places. To do so, all you need to do is lift sections of your hair with your fingers. Pick them in an upward direction so you can fluff the curls below that are closer to your scalp.

Don't do this method on the top of your hair or your ends as this can end up in making your hair frizzy.

Keep It Light​

Keep It Light

Healthy hair starts with smart choices. Make the switch to clarifying shampoo for bouncy, weightless curls.

Some drugstore products, even though they are made for curly hair, will not be able to do justice. Heavy creams and gels will rob your hair feeling all stretched out. Sometimes it's also your shampoo and conditioner.

Make a wise decision before you decide on which one to get. Since a few of them are packed with harmful ingredients like sulfates or silicones, it can weigh down your strands with time. Instead to hold up your curls and get volume, stick to clarifying shampoo.

It is a deep cleanser that will give your hair follicles and even your scalp fresh air. It will also help you get rid of dirt and any other residues that get accumulated in your hair. With this tip, your hair will feel lighter and better. Besides that, it will appear more lifted and whatever product you use, it will do wonders.

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Get A Haircut

With curly hair, it is quite important that you rely on a professional hair expert, especially when you are going for haircuts. Styles that will ultimately weigh down your hair are not a good idea and hence take advice from someone who can refine your hair and give it a fuller look.

You can stick to pyramid or layer haircut as it is your safe bet to achieve that splendid hair texture.

In the end, remember that curly hair is the best thing ever and you can do a lot more than you can imagine with it.

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