How To Measure Your Hair?

How to measure your hair?

We swear it’s not an innocent query. Regardless you have a long hair like legendary Rapunzel or short hair like famous Queen Cleopatra, measuring the length of your hair is one of the most significant parts of your hair care.

But before that, let's take a quick look at the hair length categories. According to hair stylists, there are four categories of hair length. These are:

How to Measure Your Hair
  • Short: The hair length stays between 10 cm and 20 cm.
  • Long: The hair length shows from 20 cm to 40 cm hair length.
  • Extra-long: The hair length shows from 40cm to 55 cm.
  • Super long: The hair length shows from 55cm to 75cm.

But what're the ways to measure your hair length? Preferably, it has to be a DIY process so that you can check the length without much trouble! We have collected three simple but efficient ways that will surely help you to measure your hair length.

Length checking shirts are available in the market for testing your hair length. These shirts work fine for those who have just straightened their hair, or they are using hair serum for boosting hair growth. Just pull a part of your hair in the measurement mark and check the length.

How to Measure Your Hair

Get accurate measurements every time with this innovative shirt!

The length is measured in four standard benchmarks generally. These four benchmarks are:

  • APL– arm-pit-length.
  • MBL– middle-back-length.
  • BSL– brassiere-strap-length.
  • WL– waist-length.
Best Length Checking T-Shirt
Length Checking T Shirt


You can track your hair growth accurately.


The benchmarks are not globally accurate or may show incorrect result depending on your body shape or mode of wearing the shirt. Besides the accuracy of reading, you should have accurate body contour suitable for the shirt.

Try The Comparison Shot Taking Method

Comparison shots are an easier and quite reliable way to check hair length. But the time span of measuring the hair length should be a bit longer. Only the visible change is noticeable in this method: so you have to take shots of your hair size at least in 6 months’ time gap.

It is a sheer fact that hair length does not change overnight or keeps on changing steadily every week. You can check the visible change, which a snap can detect. Yes, you can check the hair length change by using your mobile camera, but a professional shot may spot the different better.

You can try the comparison shot measuring method if you have planned to change your hairstyle. For example, if you have short hair and you want to change it into extra-long style, this comparison snap method is a good way to check the length.


Comparison shots can help you to mark the difference of the hair volume, look. If you are interested in checking the complete look of your hair, this method is a great one. You can check by yourself if your hair is looking fuller.


The process has a con too. You can check if your hair has increased its length considerably. For limited growth measurement or for short length hair measurement, this method may not work accurately.

Measuring Hair Length by Measuring Tape

From split ends to healthy strands ???? Measuring my hair growth with precision ????

Use of measuring tape for gauging hair length is one of the most accurate ways to measure it. The tape itself will work as your scale, and you can calculate even the slightest change in the hair length accurately.

Perhaps you are using a growth booster hair care: Unless you track the growth, it is not possible for you to understand if the booster is offering good result or not.

Best Hair Measuring Tape
Best Hair Measuring Tape


You can understand accurately how long your hair is in terms of inches, and you can get to calculate the accurate growth rate in per month basis.


It is an easy process, but you need to take help of your friend, peer, or your relatives to measure the hair length with the tape on your back.

These are the three most simple and common ways to measure your hair. None of these three methods are expensive or risky for your hair health. You can try them at your convenience.

Let us know which one of the methods you have found the best. If you have applied another hair measuring method, please share with us.

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