How To Take Care Of Spiral Curls

Maintaining your spiral curls is all about using the right hair products that work to take the best care of your hair's natural curl pattern and its texture. Instead of using standard creams or gels, provide your hair with the right care by doing the following:

Avoid brushing your hair once they are curled because this can disrupt the curl pattern and create unnecessary frizz and volume that you don’t want. Besides, brushing also prevents your natural oils on your scalp from reaching your hair tips, making them frizzy.

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To avoid this, hydrate your hair with deep conditioners or hair masks.

Dry Your Spiral Curls with a Diffuser

To dry your hair quickly, add the diffuser attachment to your dryer so that your hair doesn't develop any frizz. Besides, your hair's natural curl pattern will stay in place.

Use a Cleansing Conditioner

Use a cleansing conditioner to add life to your hair rather than traditional shampoo. If you want deep hydration, check that the conditioner doesn’t foam up. These cleansing conditioners moisturize and nourish your hair better.

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Blot Your Hair Tips, Don’t Rub

When you dry your hair, don’t rub it but blot the hair ends. Rubbing causes the hair cuticle to become rough and lead to frizz formation. Instead, use a soft cloth to blot any remaining water in your hair.

Use a Styling Cream to Get Shapely Spiral Curls

To get bouncy and natural spirals, part your hair in four sections. Apply styling cream to each part and twist your curls to form the desired shape. Work on one section at a time to give yourself the perfect curly hair.

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Don’t Nap When Your Spiral Curls Are Still Wet

You only add to frizz at your hair tips by sleeping when your curls are still wet. Wet hair is liable to damage very easily, and sleeping on them only makes the hair cuticle abrasive and tangles it, causing hair strain.

Dry out your hair completely before going to bed.

Don’t Use Sulfates

To maintain your spiral curls, ensure that they get the maximum amount of moisture. This means that you don’t use any products with sulfates as ingredients or your hair will soon be dehydrated. Use shampoos and conditioners that do not contain sulfates to maintain a good head of curls.

Do Comb Your Hair When Wet

You might feel like detangling your hair when it’s dry, but don’t yield to temptation. When your spiral curls are dry, you should leave them be. If you touch them, or comb, style or mess around with them, they are likely to develop frizz.

However, if you must detangle them, first wet your hair. Follow it up by applying a thick conditioner to remove any knots you might come across.

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Pre-shampoo Your Hair

On the eve of the day that you shampoo your hair, apply coconut or olive oil to your hair, or even a deep conditioner. Tuck your hair into a shower cap before sleeping so that you don’t stain your pillows.

Practice Conditioner Washing

Don’t shampoo your hair every time you wash it, but do it once in three washes. Instead, go in for cleansing conditioners or buy a silicone-free conditioner. Massage it into your scalp, using only your fingertips so that any dirt can easily be loosened out.

Not only will your hair be clean after a wash, but it will also smell fresh. This process is called "Conditioner washing."

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