A Complete List Of Tools And Accessories Need For Your Curly Hair

Voila, pretty curls! So, how are you doing today? Lustrous and bouncy? Soggy and frizzy? If you said yes to the second option, then, you are about to read something amazingly useful by knowing the right gadgets to own the perfect set of lavish locks and thus slay in your curly hair!

I have the best-kept secret "weapons" to tame all you stubborn curls just the way you want to! So, all set? Buckle up your seats! Let's dive deeper and know more about the great tools and accessories you will be needing for your curly hair. Here you go:

It's a must-have product in every girl's accessory kit. Be it a curly hair girl, straight, short, long, or any other kind for that matter, having a micro-fiber towel prevents hair breakage and thus keeps your hair healthy and protective all the time.

Say goodbye to frizz with Micro-Fiber Towel for Curly Hair

Drying your curl out of this towel manages to enhance your locks without leading to frizzy hair. So, make sure you get a tick mark particularly to this product in your accessory list.

Silky soft pillowcase

Making some small changes can make you witness a huge difference. Adapting to sleep n a silk pillowcase is definitely one of those. So, for all you curious cats who are trying to know the exact process, here I am to walk you through.

Wake up with tangle-free, gorgeous curls thanks to gentle pillowcase.

Yes, by sleeping on a smooth, silky fabric makes your hair tangle-free, frizz-free. Whatever your hair type is, lying on a silk pillowcase will help you preserve your hairstyle.

How? As there's a lesser dragging or friction as compared with a normal pillowcase fabric, you can retain your curls. Thus, you can enjoy the privilege of tangle-free life all day!

Detangling Comb (large tooth)

Just so you know, wet hair is comparatively fragile as compared to dry hair. Thus, after you take a shower, you will be in a hurry to step out, and thus, you comb your wet hair. This is the primary mistake most of us do while we are in a rush to head out.

Unravel those curls without the fuss! Detangling comb makes it a breeze.

Also, you need to know that the hair elasticity will be compromised when it is wet. Thus, instead of choosing a regular comb, switch to the ones with the wide, large tooth. Combing with this type of comb makes you feel as if you are detangling your hair using your fingers.

Double-sided soft brush/comb

If your baby hairs are misbehaving, then, you can get them aligned using this double-sided brush/comb. For more effects, use hair gel or spray to make them stay in their place.

You can use this trick anywhere, anytime. Just carry a travel-friendly gel kit or spray in your bag. Whenever you have an impromptu meeting or an unannounced event to attend, just comb your hair, tame your baby hair and you are good to go on the go!

Sleep Cap (especially satin)

Sleep caps, especially, the one with satin lines, can protect your hair by reducing the frizz while sleeping. We usually tend to move or roll around till we find a comfortable position to sleep. Thus, while we are constantly moving around, the hair tends to break if untied or left open.

These satin sleep caps are soft & comfortable, which stays in place when worn. The plus point of this sleep cap, i.e., satin-lined sleep cap is that you can use this as a stylish accessory by pairing it up with any western outfit.

Pick Comb

If you are a fan of naturally bouncy, pretty curls, then, you can always trust this DIY. This doesn't involve any "mixing or matching" any herbal products. Definitely not! The only thing you need to do is gently brush your hair using a pick comb near the root of your hair.

While brushing the curls at the hair root, you can notice the added bounce to your curls. Thus, you can have bouncy hair from the scalp as and when you need it!

So, if you by any chance hate your hair being curly, then, this trick will make you realize that having curly hair is a blessing in disguise.

Spray Bottle

Impromptu party to attend? Unannounced meeting to go for? Or any other unplanned event which requires your stylish presence? Oops! Your hair is gone all frizzy or unmanageable. Not to worry! Here is something useful you are going to read. Go ahead!

Frizzy hair ruining your plans? Keep a spray bottle handy and conquer any impromptu event in style!

If you want to tame your hair or set it up so that styling of your hair can be easier, then, you need to carry a spray bottle.

Why? Whenever you are in a hurry to attend any event, all you can do is to take out the spray bottle and just spray it all around the scalp. So, there you have it! Perfect for taming your hair just the way you want!

Perfect Edge Brush

While you are styling your hair by giving it a nice, elegant look, and you notice that some small curly flyaways are stealing the look by being annoying on your face. How are you going to fix those baby curly hair?

Here's the deal with those tiny monsters! If you are using any creme while styling, you can make use of this edge brush to tame those flyaways. Thus, they can stay in place without any distraction.

Sleek and stylish! Keep your hairstyle looking perfect with this edge brush.

Hair processing caps

Can you list one of the uses of shower caps apart from wearing them while taking a shower? Not sure? Here's something useful to reap from shower cap. Tired of dry, frizzy curls? Want to add some spar to the curly hair?

You can deep condition your hair by wearing the shower cap while you are busy binge-watching your favorite series or doing some other chores.

Revitalize your curls without leaving the house! Discover the unexpected benefits of Hair Processing Caps.


Fed up of circling the fallen hair? Do you also wish that there must be some wish master, which makes your dream come true by reducing the hair fall while combing your hair?

So, here you can see your wish turning into reality! How? By using a large tooth, bendy, and flexible brush while combing. As it is bendy and flexible, this reduces the hair breakage and cuticle damage while combing your hair. So, now you can comb your hair without any regrets of losing it!

Hair steamer

Going out for a party? Or any meeting to attend? Don't have time for the "perfect hair wash"? I know something which can cut-short your lengthy process of getting your hair done in minutes! Want to know how? Read on!

Buy a hair steamer, preferably handheld ones. These handheld hair steamers are used on hair which is already dry. You can point the steamer on your hair, and thus, it is all set to let you have the look you want to own! So, go! Dress like a dive in minutes!

Collapsible diffuser

It is a matter of fact, that most of us are so busy that we do not have sufficient time to dry our wet hair after we take a shower. Well, this seems like a universal problem. Isn't it? So, how to fix this issue?

You can make use of a collapsible diffuser which can promptly speed up the drying process. Since it is collapsible, you can detach it and store when not in use. Thus, it is travel-friendly and does not really demand any large place to store it up.

Effortlessly speed up your hair drying routine with this collapsible diffuser.

Curl definer

Well, if you are in a mood of judging this very product by assuming this should be like every other curly hair product, then, you are highly mistaken.

Some love their bouncy, soft, pretty curls just the way they are. Well, we shall comprehend that they got lucky! Well, most of us get annoyed by the way our curls behave often. Being hard to comb, frizzy, scattered, and the list has no end!

In order to tame your hair, try using this curl definer which makes your curls softer, easier to comb, and helps them stay in place for longer hours.

Shine enhancer

Just like our mood, our curls too can look dull, sober, and not so shiny. Right? So, just the way we try to fix our mood by cheering ourselves up by watching our favorite shows, taking a walk, meeting friends, a sip of coffee or just staying at home, we can get our upset hair fixed too.

How? Try spraying some shine enhancer all over the head. You can notice the change in the look of your hair. There's an added shine and brightness to your hair just after you use this magical spray!


If you want to keep your curls conditioned, clean, and hydrated, then, you must definitely try the right conditioner on your curls. Remember that you should not apply it on your scalp. Just touch the conditioner on your hair length to the tip of your hair.

A soft cotton T-shirt

If you are making use f a normal towel to tie your hair up after you give it a nice wash, then, you are making a great mistake. No matter how gently you wash your hair, if you tie them up with a normal towel, there's a high chance of hair breakage as the elasticity is compromised.

Thus, use a soft cotton T-shirt to wrap the wet hair. As the cotton is soft, light, and comfortable, there is hardly any hair breakage.

Croc clips

When it comes to brushing your tangled, frizzy curls, or styling them up, or while styling them up to attend an event, taming them demands a lot of patience and effort from your end.

Thus, to support you on this "curly adventure," the crocodile clips can help by holding the thick chunk of curly hair into sections firmly and thus you can style or comb your hair section after section.

Stretching plates

If you love the concept of elongated curls on your face, then, straightening or blow-drying your pretty curls is not the only option.

Leaving aside the not so healthy options, we are here to present you with hair-friendly, pocket-friendly, and a healthy option to have the elongated curls. The stretching plates! This does not demand any usage of heat or steam on your hair to change its look.

Place them securely, and follow the instruction. There you have it! Elongated, natural, healthy curls in minutes!

Applicator bottles

Does oiling your dense, curly hair annoy you? Do you often procrastinate your oiling sessions? Then, worry no more!

The applicator bottles are very user-friendly that their nozzles help you apply the oil, mess-free and super easy.

You can also leverage the advantage of customizing the essential oils and make a perfect blend for your hair type. You can easily apply the blend of nutritional oil on the go.


Having a bad hair day? Did your hairdo go wrong? Or you are in a mood of tying your hair up this morning?

If you are in search of some accessory which can hide your hair and also does not let your overall look down by making you look silly, then, we have something special for you.

The head wraps are available in different patterns, colorful designs and thus you can enjoy your bad hair day too just by choosing the right head wrap that goes well with your outfit!

Frizz, dull, sober, bouncy, pretty, gorgeous! Phew! There are many phases of the curls that only girls with curly hair can relate to! However, it is, whatever it appears to be, curly hair girls always carry their own charm, which is what makes them look different from others!

Be it curly hair accessories or the natural DIY tricks, we never get tired to keep that glow our curls have! So, what's your trick to make your curls look seamless?

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