How To Brush Curly Hair Without Getting Frizzy?

Hair defines the personality of anyone as they give most of your appearance, and hence it becomes necessary to take good care of them. The straight, silky, and shiny hair is easier to manage, whereas people with curly hair often find it challenging.

This article provides tips on how to brush curly hair without it getting frizzy and the tools you must have for managing curly hair well. Before we proceed, let us examine whether brushing your hair is necessary and how frequently it is required.

brush curly hair

Caring for curly hair: frequency is key to detangle and maintain curls.

Frequency is the key when it comes to detangling curly hair. Get rid of the thought of brushing your curls too frequently to save them. Brushing once a day is fine for people with straight or wavy hair, but not for those with curly hair.

They should brush their hair as frequently as they wash their hair. This is due to the belief that brushing out curly hair is a time-consuming process and may cause you to lose more hair as you try to keep it in tune.

Steps and tricks to follow while brushing curly hair

Below are some steps you can follow if you have doubts about how to brush curly hair:

Moisturize hair properly

Curly hair is best to detangle when they are moisturized or wet. Brushing hydrated curly hair is advised. Use a good quality conditioner specially made curly hair regularly to replenish moisture.

Detangle thoroughly

The next step is to try detangling them slowly and steadily. Try to separate the tangle by running fingers through them and parting them into small sections. Brush the segments to keep it simple.

Start from the bottom

Starting from the bottom is good to follow while brushing your hair to reduce the chance of hair fall while brushing that lays less stress on the roots. This decent trick should be followed significantly, especially on hair wash day.

Brush evenly

Your brushing pattern also plays a significant role in managing your curls. Light and uniform brushing your hair is good practice to manage curly and straight hair.

Pick the section method

Sectioning your hair and then brushing them proves to be a good choice for brushing your curls.


Oiling hair regularly has always been suggested as the prime step in how to brush curly hair; it helps to make hair strong, shiny and detangled. Oiling has proved to be healthy for every hair type and provides the necessary nourishment to hair.

Brushing curly hair wet is often a good idea

Brushing curly hair wet is often a good idea

Moisture is key for brushing curly hair! Wetting your curls before brushing can make all the difference.

As already mentioned, curly hairs are more smooth and easy to detangle when they are moisturized or wet. Experts' first answer to your question, How to Brush Curly Hair, is brushing them when they are wet. As a result, this might be your first go-to step in starting your journey of managing your curls.

Good tools give good results

The result of your work also depends on the tools you used to perform it. Just get the perfect brush for your curls, and there you go. Is getting the perfect brush that easy? Obviously, not. You need to understand your hair type and then select the hairbrush accordingly. Below points will help you in choosing the best hairbrush for your hair:

  • Choosing the bristles right: Most hair specialists recommend choosing a brush with a wider gap in between the tooth for people with curly hair. Combs with close bristles often tangle your curls even more. Good hairbrushes for curly hair have a lesser gap in the tooth which works fine for curly hair.
  • Getting a good grip: The grip of the brush is also crucial; choosing the one with a non-slip handle is a vital element.
  • Don't choose balls: The brush with the scalp massaging balls at the tip is not good for curly hair; they might potentially tangle in the curls and result in more knots. Thus, make informed choices on your tools.

Henceforth, we presume that loosening the curls can be a crucial step in brushing your curly hair so that you’ll not ruin them. Experts’ advice on how to brush curly hair is to use the proper tools and follow the above tips for combing curly hair well.

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