How To Use A Diffuser To Get Perfect Curls

One of the hair types that are naturally untamable and quite notorious. undoubtedly has to be curly hair. Anyone who has naturally curly hair will tell you how difficult it is to achieve a perfect curly hair look and appear the same throughout the day.

Well, it is impossible sometimes because curly hair is not naturally carefree and it takes a lot more than just drying. Luckily with the right sort of cocktail of hair care products, it is possible to make your life easier.

One of the best items from the beauty arsenal to bank on right now would be a diffuser. Wondering what that is? It is an attachment that can be put on a blow dryer which helps disperse the air that in turn reduces frizz and grants natural wave pattern. 

If you are excited to know how a diffuser can work on your curls while giving you smooth and bouncy hair texture, here are some ways in which you can bring in the goodness of a diffuser into your life and for your hair. Check it out.

Start By Washing Your Hair

Start your hair routine off right with a good wash and hydrating conditioner

The best of hair work starts in the shower. Great curls can be achieved once you have shampooed your hair, followed by a hydrating hair conditioner. This will moisturize your curls and enhance the strength of the diffuser to dry your curls faster.

You can rely on using a naturally infused hair conditioner as it nourishes the scalp well.

Post that, while you continue to shower, detangle conditioned hair, with the help of a wide-tooth comb and smooth out the knots of your hair. Never touch a comb once your hair starts drying out.

Hence it is advised that you run the comb while in the shower, to avoid chances of hair frizzing.

Wrap Your Hair

Wrap Your Hair

Protect your locks! Wrapping your hair in a gentle T-shirt or microfiber towel can help prevent damage and breakage caused by rough towel drying.

When you come out of the shower, don't start rubbing your hair with a towel. Instead, wait and just take a T-shirt and wrap your hair with it. You can also do it with the help of a microfiber towel.

The softness of the fabric will remove the excess water from your hair and avoid the chances of making your hair frizzy. This in turn reduces hair fall. When you use a smooth material on your hair, there's less friction and your hair won't get damaged.

Start Giving Shape To Your Curls

Now is the best time to run your fingers in your hair and detangle if need be. Remember that combing will ruin your hair's texture and hence you need to use your fingers to remove the knots.

Now, use mousse on your hair or just dab some leave-in-conditioner to keep your hair in shape. When you use this hydrating product, it will leave your curls with good twirls that you always wanted.

If you have thick hair, divide your hair into sections. Use clips, away from the hairline before you start using a diffuser on your hair.

Start Using Hair Diffuser

Start Using Hair Diffuser

Reduce hair damage and enhance your natural curls with a hair diffuser.

You can also apply heat protectant on your hair to create a barrier between the diffuser and your hair.  Now take the diffuser, and put it on the end of the dryer. Tilt it upwards and take the sections of your hair into the diffuser.

When you twist your hair during this time, it will add more definition. As for the dryer, keep it on low or medium. Ensure it is not very hot or waves won't form properly.

The aim is to only get your hair dry to 80 percent but not completely. This hack makes the hair look natural and more bouncy, adding a natural wave pattern.

Adding Volume On The Crown

The nubs of the diffuser are there to create volume on the crown and also add some height to it. If your crown usually falls flat, the best way is to use the diffuser nubs and massage your hair with it.

Come To The Ends Of The Hair

Now that you are done with side hair and the crown, don't miss out on the ends of your hair. To get the ends right, swap your diffuser for a concentrator nozzle as it gives a sleek finish to your hair.

Once done, use a round comb to give it the desired shape.

Use Some Oil To Add Shine

Finally, finish your hair with the help of a serum that adds shine. Work it all over your hair, except for the roots as it can undo all the volumizing work of the diffuser and other hair products.

Start by using it underneath at the back of your hair and whatever product is leftover, use it to scrunch your curls.

Bottom Line

Now that you have mastered the way to use a diffuser on your hair curly mane, start experimenting with your hairstyle and we promise your hair will always look spot on with this method. No more going to the salon and waiting for hours to get this done!

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