Top 6 Best Spiral Curling Iron Of 2024

Are you fed up of your poker straight hair and want a different look? Why not go in for curly hair? You can use a curling iron to give you all the bounce and flair that you dream of. In fact, with a spiral curling iron, you can have just the right amount, size, and bounce of curls in the easiest possible manner.

Wanna try?

Perhaps you don't know much about best spiral curling iron. Read on to find out all about it, understand its mechanism and capabilities, and then make your choice in the store.

Do you want to draw all the attention to yourself? One good way of doing it is to alter your hairstyle. With the help of an efficient spiral curling wand like Bed Head Curlipops, you can create a beautiful mix of loose curls and huge waves.

This curling wand comes with different barrels to create different looks that enhance your hair's texture and volume. Made of tourmaline and ceramic technology, this iron does not have a clamp, but its easy to use wrap and use design helps give you the curls you crave for.

It works well at 400°F, offering you the curls that make you stand out. In the process, it reduces frizz and increases luster. This curling iron is thoughtfully accompanied by a glove to protect you from the heat and affords easy styling. There’s also a tangle-free cord that measures six feet.


  • It heats up quickly and stays hot.
  • This spiral curling wand curls even the most stubborn poker straight hair.
  • It has a stand, and its tip helps keep it away from countertops.
  • Since it does not work with a clamp, styling beachy waves is both easy and fast.


  • It lacks a heat adjustment feature; it only has an on/off button.
  • It is not durable.

The Bed Head Rock N’ Roller Curling Wand is just right for a party night. It gives you bubble tousled waves with amazing texture. Its tourmaline ceramic technology gives you both loose wind-swept wavy curls with a gritty texture. That's how versatile it is.

This curling iron with spiral guide heats up at a maximum of 204.4C and locks in your curls with its clamp-free design, offering you smooth and wonderfully executed natural curls. There’s minimal frizz, thanks to the action of tourmaline and ceramic technology.

To ensure easy styling, you also get a glove that protects you from the heat and a swivel-free and untangled swivel cord. Dual voltage enables worldwide usage, making it portable.


  • This spiral hair curler works well with all kinds of hair.
  • Curls remain in place for a few days.
  • The heat setting can be adjusted from low to high.
  • You get different kinds of curls depending on the way you wrap it, proving its versatility.


  • Though the glove is heat-resistant, it gets caught in the hair.
  • The wand only offers a limp wave, not tight curls.

By far, the most popular of all spiral curling irons, the Conair spiral curling iron promises and delivers rounded curls, using its heating system. It gives you a choice of 25 heat settings, so you can choose from various hairstyles and match it to your hair type.

The heating system works in a way by which it gives you even temperature while you style your hair. Its extra-long barrel means you can get in more hair for curling in a shorter time. The Conair spiral curling iron can also be switched off automatically and has a cool tip too. And yes, you do get long-lasting and high-definition curls.

Its ¾ inch diameter barrel heats up to a maximum of 177C, which is ideal for curling long hair. A unique feature here is the ‘turbo heat boost’ which raises the barrel’s temperature by 2.2C. It also has a 30-second immediate heat-up feature.

You also get an LCD temperature display, which tells you how hot this spiral hair curling iron is.


  • You can manage the temperature by choosing from among its 25 heat settings.
  • It is easy and safe to use with features like auto shut-off, safety stand, and cool tip.
  • It is ergonomically designed.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It lacks a rotating swivel.
  • It does not have an instruction manual.

Are soft and bouncy curls what you're looking to have? Perhaps, you can get these from any of the vast range of curling irons available in the market. But why would you set them all aside to opt for the sexy beauty Professional Portable Hair Salon Spiral Curl Waver Maker?

Well, this spiral curl waver provides users with an easy way of making lustrous and bouncy curls. This spiral curling iron is made from ceramic and plastic and is highly durable. It is also easy to use. It promises that within 10 seconds, you will get the soft and shiny curls you want.

It works with a constant temperature of 200°C. It heats up within 15 seconds and is highly durable.

Sexy Beauty ceramic spiral curling iron is an absolute must-have product as it does not provide you with an easy way to style your hair, but it also holds it securely in the grooves, and so offers it the right definition. It also preheats quickly and adds thickness or volume to all kinds of hair.


  • It is durable since it is made from the best materials.
  • It creates bouncy and smooth curls within 10 seconds.
  • It does not damage the hair.
  • Plastic spiral coating outside the wand covers the ceramic barrel, so there’s no worry about getting scalded.


  • This curling iron works only if your hair is half an inch thick around it.
  • Clipping hair into the gadget is difficult because of the lack of sufficient space.

Here’s a pretty spiral curling iron covering a range of five incremental sizes--0.35-0.75 inch, 0.5-1 inch, 1-1 inch, 0.75-1.25 inch, and 1 inch. Use any of these, and you will get tight, springy curls or loose beachy waves along with the body, waves, volume and, of course, spirals.

This points to the versatility of this product.

The five interchangeable barrels click smoothly into the handle which has a locking feature that keeps them from coming loose. The barrels are made of ceramic and PTC technology that provide heat at the right temperature but not damaging your hair.

The barrel reaches a maximum of 210°C in barely 60 seconds. The spiral iron works on dual voltage and is compatible at 100V-240V. A 360-degree swivel cord means you can take it to any part of your home and use it comfortably.

This tourmaline ceramic spiral curling iron is safe to use for all hair types and textures.


  • You get many style choices with just one wand.
  • It makes one’s hair softer and smoother.
  • It controls frizz development.
  • It is suitable for all hair lengths and types.


  • It is poorly made.
  • It is not durable.

The ELA Rose Gold Titanium Interchangeable Curling Wand Set comprises barrels of three different shapes—a 32/32mm Spiral Roller, a 9/18mm Twirl and a 19/32mm Tapered Wand. These three barrels cater to a vast range of hair types and textures and curling needs.

The ELA barrels are made from titanium which transfers heat at a fast speed and styles better too. These barrels facilitate an even and smooth finish.

This spiral curling wand works on MCH Triple Zone Heating technology that helps increase heating time and thereby reduce styling time. The Nano Ionic Ceramic and Titanium Infused Technology works to polish hair to be lustrous and reduces any frizz in the bargain.

Each wand has been so designed that it gives off just the right amount of infrared heat that heat the curls from within so that you get naturally bouncy curls.

The barrels are filled with the best quality of Nano Ionic Ceramic Particles that produce healthy, lustrous, and smoother curls. You don't experience any pulling or tugging of the barrels when removing the barrels from the hair. Perfect curls are formed quickly and those that last long.

The ELA curling iron produces various curl types—loose, large, voluminous, natural, wavy, and soft. The large spiral-shaped 32/32mm barrel produces wavy curls that look effortless. If you have long hair, you can get large and thick loose curls.

If you want loose, tight, small, large, wavy or natural curls, go with the 19/32mm large tapered wand. With this barrel size, you can get a loose curl. The one inch-sized barrel helps get any kind of curl you want.

So, stun your friends and family with a new look every now and then. With the one-inch barrel, you can also give yourself thick and loose curls or even tight ones.

Do you dream of having coiled, tight, small, or spiral curls? Choose the 9/18mm small tapered wand and achieve your dreams. It also works well on straight, thin, short or naturally curly hair.

Smart Features: Its smart features include:

  • LED Adjustable Heat Settings, 82°C-232°C.
  • 6.3in (16cm)extra-long barrel.
  • MCH 30-second heating up.
  • Click and Lock Barrel Switch.
  • Cool Touch Heat Resistant Barrel Tips.


  • It has different sized wands for different parts of the hair.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • The LED display is a boon as it tells the wand’s exact temperature.
  • The pack includes two gloves of different sizes—a bonus for people with small hands.


  • This wand is not durable.
  • It leaves dents in the hair.

Best Spiral Curling Iron: Guides & FAQs​

What is a Spiral Curling Iron?

A spiral curling iron is identified as being an electrically operated styling hand machine that makes straight hair curly by using heat. The spiral hair curler types available these days vary according to barrel shape, barrel size, material, and diameter and handle type.

Whereas large barrels give the shape and volume of your curls, the smaller ones can create interesting spiral curls. You may choose the kind of curls depending on the texture and thickness of your hair, or the style you want to follow.

However, a more important point here is the safety of your hair—after all, you’re exposing it to high heat.

Materials Used

Spiral curling irons that make spiral curls of present times are generally made of Teflon, titanium, ceramic, metal or tourmaline. They are completely safe to use on any hair type. So, you can be sure you'll get the results you want if you follow the instructions right.

How to Use a Spiral Curling Iron

Perhaps, your exposure to a curling iron is restricted to the ones with clamps, or you might have used a curling wand at some point. However, the spiral curling iron is a bit different from these due to the spirals and grooves in this machine that guide the hair to turn spiral.

Because of this difference, it would help a great deal if you understood its mechanism before actually trying it out. If you do this, your hair won't snag, and you'll get perfect results.

Step-by-step Method of Using a Spiral Curling Iron

Shampoo & Condition Your Hair:

Before you begin to use a spiral curling iron, you need to have your hair ready for it. Wash and condition your hair and dry it completely before using the iron. To avoid any hair damage, use heat protectant products to your hair.

Divide Your Hair Into Small Sections:

Divide your hair into small and manageable sections, whether you have thin or thick hair. This will enable easier styling. Secure the tips of your hair around the curling iron and twist the machine up and then around so that the spirals and barrel lock it in.

The grooves of the iron will guide your hair at this point. Keep your hair wrapped around the iron till the hair sets satisfactorily. Normally, this takes about 10 seconds, so don’t keep it longer or the heat will ruin your hair.

Once the curls have formed, you can open up each section by letting go of the barrel. Begin with the lower hair sections and work your way up.

Don’t Brush Your Newly-formed Curls:

With your hair in the desired curls, let them cool a bit so that they have the right definition. Else, they won’t hold for long. And yes, don’t brush them either or the spirals will disappear. Instead, use your hands to muss them up lightly.

Your hair can also do with a bit of hairspray so that the curls remain so for long and have the necessary bounce in them. This will keep them in position for a whole day. If you want to extend the look, simply use the iron again.

Features to Consider when Choosing a Spiral Curler

It takes a lot to choose a spiral curler. To know the parameters that influence your purchase of one, read on:

What’s Your Hair Type?

Identify your kind of hair—whether it’s straight, curly, wavy, poker straight, short or long. That’s because the market is full of curling irons, each for a different hair type.

The Design That Suits Your Hair

There are a variety of designs of curling iron that makes spiral curls, so you will need to check out its various features before choosing, and that includes its overall design.

Materials Used

The barrels of curling irons are of various materials, such as:

  • Ceramic:
    Most commonly used, ceramic spiral curling irons are safe and gentle on the hair. They also distribute the heat evenly on the barrels and enable hair stylists to finish styling faster. Your hair feels soft and smooth to touch due to the negative ions ceramic gives off.
  • Tourmaline:
    Like ceramic, tourmaline gives off negative ions. It also gets rid of any frizz in the hair. Since it comes with hair protecting ingredients, it is good for all hair types.
  • Titanium:
    Titanium curling irons are smooth, tough, durable and heat up fast. For these reasons, they are greatly sought after.


It would help to have an automatic spiral curling machine as it will require only some basic effort from you. All you need do is to curl your hair around the barrel and be hands-free. However, be prepared to pay a little more for spiral hair curlers with this feature.

Temperature Control

Does the spiral curling iron you’re vetting have a button for temperature control? Such a button would help when you want to increase or decrease the heat.

Barrel Size

Barrel sizes of spiral curling irons vary, so you can choose accordingly. This means that for long hair, go in for a long barrel, and for short hair, a short barrel would be ideal.


Look to buying a curling iron that’s safe to use. Preferably, it should have an automatic on-off button so that it switches off in case you forget to.

Ease of Use

You should be able to use a curling iron with a spiral guide easily, so ensure that your choice is also easy to use. It shouldn't make you refer to the manual each time you use it, and the instructions should be easy to follow.

Before you can settle on anyone, research as much as possible and read as many customer reviews as possible to gauge which the best product is.


Choose a curling iron that's been tried out, and its results are known. This will give you an idea of its work performance.

Spiral Curls Styles for All Hair Types

Now that you are aware of spiral curls with curling irons, let’s take a look at the various types of spiral curls. Not all spiral curl types suit all faces. You need to match the type of spiral curls that suit your face and body shape. Here are some you can consider for yourself:

Plain Curl Spirals

Bring some drama to your face by having them in plain curl spirals. Here, only the tips of the hair or the middle part has spiral curls. The rest looks easy and natural.

Spiral Perms/Small Spirals

There’s some mischief to this look, and it can also look flattering to you. Small spiral curls are tighter than spiral perms and resemble corkscrews. This look is great for short and thin hair since the curls are uneven and have a flirty air to them.

Wave Spirals

Wave spirals aren’t like other spiral curls. So, don’t expect them to add thickness to your hair. They are great for informal occasions.

Multi-textured Spirals

If you aren't particular about having a neat uniform look, then this spiral hairstyle would work wonders for you. Here, with the help of two barrels of different sizes, two different spiral textures are created, adding thickness or volume to your hair.

If you have a round or a chubby face, it will work well for you. Medium length hair is ideal for this style.

Afro Spirals/Kinky Spirals

This hairstyle works well for both short and long hair, but it is best if you already have natural curls. Then, have your hair cut short, reaching your neck and let it remain natural and wild to catch your newly formed Afro Spirals.

Spiral Curling Iron vs. Regular Curling Iron​​​​​

A spiral curling iron is similar in many ways to the regular curling iron, except for two main differences.

1. The spiral curling iron has a shorter than usual clamp at the base of the iron, while the regular curling iron run down the length of its barrel.

2. Another difference is that the smaller the clamp, the more room it leaves for winding spirals. This is done in the barrel of the iron and offers as an outline so that the hair can hook on to it.

A spiral curling iron gives you natural bouncy curls and perfect spirals, but with a traditional curling iron, you can’t control the pressure the clamp lays on the hair. This gives uneven or flat and lifeless curls.

A spiral curling iron also has a small clamp that can be held and used comfortably, which is lacking in the regular curling iron.

How Long Do Spiral Curls Last?

A spiral perm normally takes 28 hours to set in, after you take all the aftercare tips and advice. Spiral perms take a while to settle in, so be patient. If you have your spiral perm done in a salon, it will last for about six months, depending on the care you give it.

Depending on your hair care routine, it can also stay for about nine months. So, much depends on the care factor.


With this basic primer before you, you might find it less intimidating to enter the spiral curling iron market and make your choice. Before you put down your money on any curling iron, check to see if all the required features are contained in it. After all, it’s got to last you a long time.


  1. Can you please suggest to me which hair curl iron is best for daily use? I like to use one everyday. Also, please suggest if there is a good chemical or cream to use before/after using it. Thanks in Advance.

  2. Hey, Thanks a lot for sharing a great piece of review! I found it to be really a good helpful article with nice explanation. It’s given me a number of ideas to choose the best reliable product on my budget. I will certainly dig it and share with my friends. Hope they will be helpful too! Thanks in advance for the help!

  3. I am using a bed head curlipops spiral curling wand for around 6 months. This is the best for the price!! I’m serious, my curls hold for days. I don’t like tight curls so I use a flat brush and make them more beachy natural and they look fabulous. Wish the barrel was longer for long hair. I would like to recommend it to everyone.

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