Hair Dryer vs Blow Dryer -The Difference & Similarities

A dryer holds a special place in every girl's beauty shelf. Then be it for a short vacay or an evening soiree, it comes handy, to give your hair that perfect blow out and look dead gorgeous with luscious locks.

But, there's one question that has kept most of puzzled all this time is the difference between a hair dryer and a blow dryer.

While hair dryer is a term that's used majorly, there are also times when you might have heard people saying blow dryer. They are the same but definitely, there is a difference, albeit quite a few.

A hair dryer is common in commonwealth countries but people in America call it blow dryer. If you are wondering what are differences and similarities between the two, here's what you need to know.

Hair Dryer

Perfect hair, no mess! Say hello to the hair dryer.

Hair dryers are really helpful in drying your hair. Right after shower, when your hair is wet and you want to give it the right amount of heat to dry, a hair dryer is the way to go.

The electronic items use a motor to run. You can even change the temperature of the equipment as it deems fit. The motor has coils that heat up and then throw it out, so your hair can get the perfect hairstyle.

The other feature of this gadget is that it also has a blow out cool button. With several settings like that, you can choose the speed of the hair dryer and style your hair accordingly. When you wash your hair, you end up with tangled hair. To sort it out, instead of using a comb, you can bank on a hair dryer. This machine is better than using a comb on wet hair, as it reduces the chances of hair fall.

This machine will first dry your hair and also open the tangles, giving you the free hand to comb your hair, without any intervention. No matter what hairstyle you choose, a hair dryer guarantees a long-lasting look.

Another reason why a hair dryer is a good thing to use is that it leaves your hair shiny and smooth. Various types of hair dryers are available in the market, ranging from ionic to tourmaline hair dryers. While all of these have the same benefits, depending upon your hair type, you can choose the perfect one for you.

Speaking of other attachments that come with a hair dryer, they have various usage. The diffuser helps penetrate the heat in your hair, without causing any breakage. Using a diffuser helps decrease frizzy locks and enhances natural waves and texture.

Then comes a concentrator nozzle that creates a powerful hot air blow, which is responsible to give you shiny and untangled hair. Without this attachment, there can be damage to your hair. This output is one of the reasons why blow-dried hair looks great.

A comb nozzle is attached at the end of the dryer that eliminates the usage of a hair brush. It comes attached to most of the dryers.

Blow Dryer

Blow Dryer

Transform your locks with the power of this blow dryer.

A blow dryer is a term that is majorly used in America. The ceramic heater in it blows out hot air. They also offer cold air, depending on the setting that you choose.

When you use a blow dryer, you have to be careful. You can't let it come closer to your roots as it can cause damage. If you use a blow dryer, ensure that you towel dry your hair a bit first and then use it.

Because Americans use the word blow dryer instead of a hair dryer, it gives the impression that it is a different product. Speaking more in detail about blow dryers, they are made with plastic, which heats up stat, the same way a hair dryer does.

The motor in it helps run the machine and the fan helps in keeping the temperature in control while giving out the perfect heat for your hair.

One can easily change the settings, depending upon which setting is required for drying the hair. Coming to other accessories, they are exactly the same as that of a hair dryer, which includes a diffuser, nozzle, and a comb nozzle.

While those were all the similarities between the two dryers, here are a few differences between the two.


The blow dryer can be used on any part of the body and not just for the hair whereas a hair dryer is specifically designed for the hair and not the body.


It is said that a blow dryer lends more pressurized air whereas the pressure of a hair dryer is comparatively less than a blow dryer’s intensity.

The temperature is the whole ball game with these two devices. Blow dryers throw more concentrated air whereas hair dryers since they use steam or air put less pressure.

A hair dryer is an electronic device that generates hot air with the change in temperature whereas a blow dryer may or may not be electric.

Origination Of Term

The main difference between them lies only in the name. The term hair dryer comes from British English whereas the word blow dryer is used by Americans. They are basically synonyms and is the name of the same device, with minor differences.

All in all

Call it whatever, but these dryers are super helpful in saving time. While the towel drying method can take a while, these dryers are your quickest bet to dry your hair. Get a hair dryer to dry your hair and if you want to add more style and volume to it, lay your hands on a blow dryer.

So for all the curious bees, we hope this was helpful! 

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