Learn How To Care For Curly Hair During Autumn

When the autumn weather arrives, you transition into wearing light but warm winter clothes and enjoy strolling in the park. The weather is soothing and windy and the autumn leaves make the weather quite mesmerizing.

But every season brings in a new challenge, especially for your hair. While straight hair can still be managed in most of the weather conditions, if you are someone with curly tresses, you already know what's coming.

When the temperatures drop, curls are all over the place and it takes time to tame down the hair. Since we understand what you might be going through during this weather, let's take a look at this guide that guarantees proper care for your curly hair in the autumn season. Check it out.

When the season rolls in, you will need products that help keep your tresses free from frizz. To protect them, you need to infuse oil treatment in your beauty regime.

If you are blessed with thick hair, make use of coconut or castor oil. You can also use products, made with a blend of black castor oil.

You can also try using lighter oils, for example, extra virgin coconut oil, or opt for some plant-based options as they are good for your tresses too.

Trim Your Hair A Bit

Trim Your Hair A Bit

A little trim can go a long way in refreshing your look!

When you start noticing split ends on your hair, it's time to give your hair some treatment. For your mane to stay sane, you need to trim your hair a bit at the bottom. You can do this at home as well, without heading to the salon.

All you need is a scissor, worthy enough to cut your split ends properly. You can then wash your hair and check if there's any frizz left. If so, take the scissor and trim it. It isn't as difficult. Do this and you will notice an instant change in your look. Try it out.

Steam Your Hair

Steam Your Hair

Steam your way to luscious locks with this revolutionary hair tool.

Another best and effective way to keep your curly hair in good shape during autumn is by using the steam method. It helps open hair cuticles and the moisture penetrates deep in the hair.

It's one of the ways which helps in deep conditioning. There are several benefits associated with taking steam. Try it and you will fall for this method.

Choose A Right Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

Curly hair is quite fine and you don't want to ill-treat it by making use of harsh shampoos filled with parabens and other chemicals. Instead, you should opt for a mild shampoo and a hair conditioner to refresh your hair in the autumn season.

This will help maintain your hair's natural oils, without stripping it off. You can also dilute your shampoos and conditioners even more with distilled water, just to be safe.

Use A Hair Treatment Mask

Hair Treatment Mask

Transform your hair with a nourishing hair treatment mask!

It's a good idea to give your hair follicles some hair treatment at home. While shampoos and conditioners make a great deal, you can also opt for weekly hair mask treatment as well.

Hair treatment masks work wonders on the curly mane, while you are asleep. All you need to do is use it directly on your hair and you will notice that the mask gets absorbed into the scalp.

You can use it on dry hair, as it boosts protein for your hair. The hair retains moisture level and these masks also help control the frizz problem in autumn. Finally, no more dry hair!

Use Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioners

Even if your curls are frizzy in autumn, don't worry. This can be resolved by using leave-in conditioners. While there are some great options in the market, for example, Bumble & Bumble curl custom conditioner, you can also opt for some Brazillian oils to combat humidity and see your curls look nice and fresh in autumn.

Condition First

Usually, the thumb rule is to use shampoo first and then apply a conditioner. But for this weather, you need to swap your routine for your curly mane.

Since your hair is the most vulnerable in this season and also fragile, you need to add an extra layer, before you shampoo your locks. Doing so will help prevent any sort of damage and breakage.

Make Less Use Of Styling Products

When the temperature is a bit cold, your hair can turn dry instantly. On top of that, when you use styling products, it can damage your follicles.

Blowdrying is a bliss for your hair but in autumn you need to consider using it for shorter durations. Or if you still want to use it, just to do on the roots and leave the rest of your hair to dry naturally.

Give Scalp Treatments

Dandruff is highly possible in autumn and it can lead to irritation and other issues like dull hair and itching. Keep your scalp clean and healthy by giving it some treatment. One great product is from Christiana Greene's Bum-Cake vintage, as this one uses argan oil. It also has Moroccan clay powder.

The ingredients are a blessing for the hair and help the scalp remain healthy without any dandruff issue. 


Just like your body needs food, even your tresses need protein. So to keep your hair healthy, you need to use products that are infused protein-rich ingredients. Besides that what you eat, also matters and hence it is vital that you consume healthy food that includes, fish, eggs, and beans as they are your best bet to keep your locks looking luscious.

Deep Condition

The best part about the season is that your hair will reap the benefits of spa treatments at home. Give it deep conditioning with products that are made with natural ingredients, for example, argan oil and kelp.

Massage your scalp and give it a nice treatment for at least 30 minutes. Your tresses will thank you.

Use Protective Styling

There are plenty of products that you can use in this season to keep your curls string. Use protecting styling as it will keep your mane healthy and tamed in the season.

Style your hair in a way that your hair is protected from environmental hazards. When you step out, consider tying your hair into braids or carry a hat and keep them covered.


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