Difference Between An Ionic And Ceramic Hairdryer

Now, who does not love the idea of showering utmost love on their natural crown, the hair! Taking care of these pretty locks is the topmost priority of every woman.

Being crowned with those gorgeous, soft, and glossy strands is every woman's dream. To take care of these lavish locks at every step, using the right product is empirical.

In this mechanical world, it, of course, becomes difficult to find and invest time in taking good care of our hair.

With so many plans long enough to drive us crazy, we often neglect to nurture and show some care to our hair. Taking bath in a whoosh, booking the cab while our mouth is filled with whatever the breakfast is, and rushing towards the gate as if you are being chased by a stray dog because "Oh no! The cab that you booked has already arrived"!

Amidst all these helter-skelter rides, we hardly notice (or prefer to ignore) that our so-called "crown" is still damp and it has not gotten a warm hug of air! Oh, poor thing!

No matter how expensive your products are or how classy the brands are, if not followed a proper hair care routine, then, all your trendy, expensive sure go in vain!

Blow and pose!

How about this? Plan your head wash day in advance. So, wake up an hour or half-hour early, take bath, use a suitable hairdryer of your choice, dry your hair out properly. Oh, well! That was simple! Isn't it?

Your hair care routine starts by washing your hair properly followed by drying them out completely.

With so many debates going on to know which type of dryer is the best preferred, the ionic and the ceramic dryers grab everyone's attention!

So, here we land our plane to see the details of the ionic and the ceramic dryers!

Ionic hair dryers​

Ionic hair dryers

Revolutionize your hair care routine with our Ionic Hair Dryers.

Being designed by inducing most of the beneficial aspects, the ionic dryers serve the purpose of drying out your hair.


The ionic dryers are designed in such a way that it helps in tearing down the water molecules. That is, it generates negatively charged ions which helps in doing so.

Another brilliant feature to observe here is, even though your hair is being blown, there is no trace of your hair turning into a rough or coarse disaster. Instead, the ionic hair dryer preserves the hair's natural smoothness by letting it remain soft and sleek.

With so many useful features, ionic hair dryers make their way to building their trust with their customers.

Please make sure!

Different hair types demand different features, materials, and products. Thus, know your hair type, try different varieties of hairdryers before buying them out, check for the reviews, know the ratings.

With an ample of mind-blowing features, let's shift the spotlight on the attractive aspects!

What do we like the most?

We have jotted down the most useful benefits we found in our research. Have a look:

  • Ionic hair dryers can make your hair dry in a whoosh!
  • If you are one of those who live their lives complaining about the frizziness, then, ionic hair dryer lessens your frizz. There you go!! Now, you have some spare time to talk about anything but frizz!
  • With those having a problem with drying out their hair at a much higher temperature, you guys are sorted. ionic dryers dry your hair at a lower/moderate temperature!
  • Your curly locks aren't going to lose their charm because ionic dryers got that too!

What we do not like?

  • If you are planning it as an investment as one of the styling products, then, you are highly mistaken!
  • It not only blows up your hair, but it also gets over-excited and thus succumbs over-drying.
  • Using for a rather long time can lead to the building of some dreadful electromagnetic field. Trust me, that's hazardous!

Ceramic hair dryers

Ceramic hair dryers

Sleek and shiny locks in no time with our ceramic hair dryer!

Having focused on the major concerns, the ceramic hair dryers are designed such that it suits well to almost every hair type, especially when it's curly.​ ​Dryer made of ceramic is best hair dryer for curly hair.

Also, in concern to the uneven distribution of hot hair, the ceramic hair dryer is capable of fixing this issue too.

As the ceramic dryers are coated internally, thus, it helps in spreading an even distribution of air around you.

Also, it is designed to be auto-adjustable of the temperature. In concern with your room temperature, it adjusts accordingly and blows the right temperature of fresh, hot air.

What do we like?

  • As they are designed for an even distribution of air, it helps in drying out your hair faster without leaving any trace of damage!
  • Styles your hair while drying your hair by making it glossier, softer, and bouncier!
  • Lessens frizziness by storing the moisture within your hair!
  • A treat for regular users!

What we do not like?

  • It comes with quite a higher price tag!

And the bottom line is

With so many enhancing products in the styling category, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Know your hair type, your concerns, and pick the right one.

It is recommended to test the hairdryer before pouncing on it to buy! Know the material used, learn about the features induced! Have a good hair day!

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