9 Common Reasons Why Your Curls Dry Out & Solutions To Make It Shiny Again

Let's face it - even though curly hair has an undeniable charm, maintaining it is havoc. Curly hair is quite delicate and if you have been asking yourself every day that 'why is my hair dry', chances are this condition has been a persistent problem. Your hair needs love and care and most importantly, moisturization to steer clear of dryness.

Usually, it's a mix of habits that leads to tresses looking so fragile. But, you shouldn't fret. You can get back your luscious looking hair by paying attention to your hair care regime.

All you need to do is switch out all the old, unhealthy habits. Check out the following list and if these are the mistakes that you have been committing, put an end to it. Bonus? There’s always a solution!

Over Cleansing

Don't let over-cleansing ruin your curls! Here's how to restore their shine and bounce.

Your hair only needs a dab of shampoo or conditioner. Washing your hair on a daily basis, especially when you have waves or curls, can play up with your texture. Your hair is turning dry on its own as the bathing products contain harmful chemicals in them that can strip away your natural hair.


This can turn your hair dry which can further lead to hair fall as well. Instead, stick to washing your hair twice a week.

Overdoing With Heat

Even if you are using the best hair curler in the world, it can still end up harming your hair follicles. Try to cut down its usage or any other stying tool for that matter.


When you use it, try to use a heat protectant that can minimize any further damage and let you have smooth curls.

Lack Of Conditioner

Be it straight hair, curls or classic, if you ever cut back on moisturizing or conditioning your hair, you are leaving your hair to higher chances of breakage. There's dehydration and the result can make your hair quite lifeless.


Conditioning your hair helps in maintaining healthy hair follicles. Use a lightweight conditioner on your curls so that they don't weigh down. You can use a heavier one for kinky curls.

If need be, opt for deep curl restoration therapy as it helps bring back lost moisture back to your hair.

Coloring Your Hair

Coloring Hair

Change up your curls with a pop of color - just remember to take care of them.

Experimenting with hair color can add a great dimension to your curls. But, it comes with a risk and can damage your hair follicles, stripping away its original hue. Even then, it does not mean you cannot color your hair.

Wondering how? Take a good look.


Feel free to color it but with care. Remember that, all hair types are prone to the hazardous effect of coloring but if you stick to products that can hydrate chemically treated hair, there's nothing like it. You can try out color-preserving conditioners so that you have healthy locks, without having to wash it every day.

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Stop the frizz! Upgrade to silk pillowcases for healthier, smoother hair.

If you didn't know this already, we are here to tell you that the cotton pillowcases decide how your hair will be the next morning. Cotton pillowcases or sheets can take away all the moisture from your strands that can further lead to frizziness.


Use satin or a silk pillowcase. These pillowcases can help in maintaining healthy hair follicles, without any breakage. Your tight or kinky curls would also be safe with this method.

Detangling your hair aggressively

hair aggressively

Don't let frustration lead to aggression when detangling your hair.

When your hair is wet, if you try and detangle your hair, the damage comes complimentary with it. So if you are always headed to run a brush and start towel-drying aggressively, you are doing more harm than you can imagine.


Instead, squeeze out all the water first from your hair. Use a detangling spray or try a leave-in conditioner. These two products can save your hair. Then, use a wide comb to relax your strands. Buy a brush that works well on wet hair like a wet brush or a Tangle Teezer.

Skipping Trims

It could be tempting to not go to the salon, especially when you are growing out your hair. But the trick to maintaining your follicles is to have usual trips of trims to the salon. Split ends can lead to dry and frizzy hair.


Try getting your hair trimmed from below every two months. Get rid of the split ends and keep your locks looking glorious at all hours.

The prep time

Only aftercare doesn't fulfill your hair's requirement. Before using your steam curling iron, if you have not prepped your hair with a good primer, it can lead to breakage and damage your hair.


You need a primer as it helps in sealing the moisture of your hair. The moisture level present in these products can masterfully steer clear of frizziness, damage, and breakage, giving your hair a bouncy appearance, even though you used a styling tool on your hair.

What You Eat, Matters

Sometimes the way your hair looks also depends on what you eat. It's not just your hair styling tools or products that you apply but also your diet that can play up with your texture. And as season changes, the eating pattern changes with it which can further lead to hair damage.


Stick to having vitamins every day and consume green juices. You can grab almonds or have bananas. Incorporating more of healthy food items will keep your hair away from getting brittle.

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