How to Dry Curly Hair: 8 Best & Simple Ways

If you have curly hair, there's a chance that you are constantly hunting ways to dry your hair as it is quite difficult to tame down your mane. Suddenly, post-shower, you experience frizziness and tend to give up on the whole process of drying your hair.

Well, let us tell you that besides blow-drying, there are several easy ways in which you can try to dry your hair. Keep reading and check out these tools that are best suited for styling your curly hair.

If you follow these steps ardently, your coils will bless you for it. Check it out:

Never Forget Your Conditioner

One of the best ways to begin hair drying is to use the right sort of products for your hair. Applying a dab of conditioner can help in detangling your curly mane better.

Applying conditioner also helps moisturize your follicles, making any sort of hair drying process simpler. Trust us, you will notice a huge difference. Thank us later!

Try Plopping

For curly-haired girls, plopping is really good news. Using this technique helps in drying your hair faster and it also helps in retaining the natural shape.

Here's how you can do it. Apply a leave-in-conditioner first or use styling cream. Take a microfiber towel or you can use a cotton T-shirt as well. Wrap it around your hair and let it dry.

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Try Plopping

Plopping: the easy, low-maintenance way to dry your curly hair.

The reason why this method works is it allows your curls to stay stagnant while warding off the frizziness factor. It helps boosts volume and will literally keep you away from playing with your hair when it's wet.

Leave it on for good 20 minutes while you do your other house chores. Once done, shake off your curls and use a diffuser to dry your hair. You can also let it air dry.

Try Diffusing

When you want to use a blow​ dryer but cannot because all thanks to curly hair, a diffuser can come in handy. This one can be attached to your blow dryer. It has the benefit of controlling the heat that comes out.

All you need to do is be aware of is the high heat. A right diffuser with the right amount of heat coming from it can easily speed up the drying process.

Try Diffusing

Tired of waiting hours for your curly hair to dry? Discover the magic of diffusing.

To follow this step, use a leave-in conditioner and some hair mouse to add more definitions to your curls. It will make your hair even crunchier. Next, dry your hair whilst using a diffuser. Keep scrunching your hair towards the roots. This is yet another way to dry your hair faster and in a healthier way.

Hooded Dryer

A hooded dryer is yet another tool that can help in hair drying. Sure, they are an investment but are quite a time-saving item that you can lay your hands on.

It helps better the deep conditioning method as well. This one is actually quite effortless as all you need to do is just sit beneath it and let the machine do its job of drying your hair. No hassle at all!

Clipping Your Roots

Bouncy curls but your scalp fall flat at times? Then you really want to give the clipping method a try. Follow these steps. Use a microfiber towel and remove the excess water. Apply the leave-in-conditioner and gently spread the product all over your hair.

Clipping Your Roots

Get salon-worthy curls at home with this simple root clipping method

Now, take duckbill clips and clip them on your roots. Make sure the mouth is away from the roots. Do this in smaller sections on the crown. Leave these clips on your hair for at least 15 minutes and remove it slowly. Voila, glorious hair, back to business!


Another way to add bounce to your hair while it's drying is to use the stretch method. Styling your wet hair into braids, knots or twists can give a good definition to your curls. Many curly-haired girls follow this method to steer clear of breakage and tangles.

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Rough Drying

One of the most underrated methods in the arena of hair drying has to be rough drying. While the name sounds petrifying, it actually is an easy technique that will help you out.

When your hair is wet, squeeze out the extra water and wrap your head in a towel. Let the towel soak in all the water. Once done, open your hair and use a heat protectant. Then comes the cliche step of rough drying, which is inexpensive and can be legit followed with your hands.

Use your fingers and gently tousle your hair. Your main focus has to be your roots. Let your hair be 40% dry before you think of reaching out to your comb. If you aren’t a big fan of combs, you can leave it as it is!

Air Drying​

Lastly, air drying. This method of hair drying is a no-brainer. It gives the ultimate definition that you need and is actually your best bet. The only fall back is the drying time.

Coming to how to do this one, just use a T-shirt or a towel to remove all the excess moisture from your hair. Now, use a leave-in conditioner and scrunch your hair while applying this product. Work it towards your root.

Once done, keep your hands away while it is naturally air drying. If you are facing frizz problems, you can use extra products onto your follicles. Make sure you spread it well so that your hair doesn't look stiff.

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