Ultimate Cures To Get Over Hair Breakage At The Crown Area And Its Causes

Hair loss or hair breakage is no less than a heart attack, and people who suffer from hair loss know how difficult it is. However, the hair breakage at the crown is the most common hair loss issue that people face.

You might also be facing this problem but don’t know the cause and cure to get your beautiful hair back. Breakage of hair at the crown area is not normal, but most people, including males and females, face this.

Breakage might occur if you have too much soreness on the scalp and excessive tension on the follicles. As a result you start observing thinning of hair in the crown area or even baldness.

You can stop this breakage, prevent it and get your beautiful hair back so that no more stress will worsen the hair breakage problem. Here is how we can fix the hair breakage issues. Before that, let’s understand the aspects of the hair growth cycle.

Hair growth is a long-term process since it takes many days to grow from the roots of the scalp. In addition, hair is a sensitive part, which can be easily damaged. Inadequate moisture in the scalp, body temperatures, intake of proteinaceous foods, maintaining the porosity in the scalp, plenty of water present in the body, and hairstyles influence the hair growth and damage.

Hair Growth

The hair growth needs high protein and iron content in the body. The crown hair needs higher moisture content than other regions of the body and therefore must be conditioned on a regular basis. Water content has to be proper maintained in the body, and intake of more proteins and iron content foods is preferrable for hair growth.

Various Causes of hair breakage

Hair breakage at the crown and an extreme hair fall sinks any heart whenever one sees it. Their crowning glory is one of the most precious and the best feature that adds beauty to the appearance. Hair is crucial not only for women's beauty, but also for men's appearance and personality.

Various Causes of hair breakage

Love your hair by preventing breakage: Here are the causes you need to know.

The bases of hair breakage have several routes. Some of the causes of the hair breakage at the crown include the following:

  • Dryness
  • Insufficient moisture
  • Tight hairstyles
  • Dead hairs
  • Less protein intake
  • Environmental influences
  • Intake of unhealthy foods
  • Dandruff


The hair crown gets dried very quickly due to the absence of adequate moisture. As these have more porosity than other areas, it will be dried soon if there is not plenty of water.

The heat and stress to the scalp also make the hair dry. The heat that goes into the head takes the available moisture in the hair and makes it dry. The dryness makes the hair fragile and fall from the crown. The dried hairs are so unhealthy that it loses even due to heavy wind blowing.

Insufficient moisture

Plenty of water is crucial for hair growth. Therefore, insufficient moisture and water content in the crown leads to unhealthy hair growth. To restore the moisture, use a high-quality conditioner after each wash.

Tight hairstyles

The trendy hairstyles has different forms, some of styles like ponytails, puffs, and hair buns need to bind the hair tightly, making them weak and fall. Tight hairstyles involve the combination of dead and healthy hairs together. Dryers and straighteners used to create such hairstyles also harm the natural hair texture and result in hair fall and unhealthy hair.

Dead hairs

Sometimes, there will be a huge hair fall that may sometimes lead to fear of getting bald. But that is not the truth happening. The scalp and the crown also have dead hairs that have aged and are of no use attaching to the root. The root excludes such hair from the scalp, and may lead to heavy hair breakage from the crown.

One will mistake the falling of the dead hairs as heavy hair breakage, but it is the unhealthy hairs that fall from the crown of the hair. Usage of conditioners to the hair gives smoothness and makes hairs silky; it clears the dead hairs from the scalp. 

Less protein intake

The food habits are changing day by day. And now, we are used to many junk foods, fast foods which are unhealthy and give no nutrients to our body. As a result, many health disorders affect our bodies, including hair breakage.

The hair growth needs a balanced protein diet, which helps in healthy hair growth from the roots and the crown. Due to the lifestyle changes and less intake of proteins, one is not getting sufficient proteins from the food, resulting in less hair growth from the crown.

Environmental influences

The Earth we live on is getting hotter and hotter. The heat of the Earth is nowadays becoming unbearable. Hair and skin are the sensitive parts of the body. How can the hair tackle the intolerable heat?

The rise in temperature and the heat makes the scalp very dry. The moisture content present in the hair gets sucked by the sun, which leads to dryness of the hair. Further, the pores in the scalp are emptied and left without water. So the rough dried hair falls very quickly than the smooth, normal healthy hairs from the crown.

Intake of unhealthy foods

The human diet includes no or less fruits and vegetables these days. Protein and fiber-rich foods, fruits, and vegetables are nowhere in one's food chart. Increased intake of junk and quick foods less fibrous food does not add any protein, nutrients, and minerals to the body, resulting in nutrient deficiencies and stopping many metabolism activities, including hair growth.


Dandruff remains one of the prominent causes of hair breakage. The dryness and dandruff go hand in hand. Due to lack of nutrition or infection, or dehydration of the scalp, the fungus causes dandruff in the hair and may result in huge hair loss. The menace may make more hair dry, die and fall from the hair crown.

Leaving the scalp dried for a long time also results in dandruff, leading to hair breakage at the crown and other area.

Fixing of hair breakage

The thinner, dead, unhealthy, dried hairs falling from the hair scalp daily in a large number are the symptoms of unhealthy scalp and heavy hair breakage from the crown. Have you ever faced a situation? Does this problem has no solution? Is the heavy breakage from the hair crown cannot be fixed? What is the solution for it? Can the hair be grown again? The following section will try to rejoinder your anxiety.

Hair breakage at the crown can be stopped, and the hair can be grown again by following some steps. Some of the measures that favor the hair growth and will cease hair breakage are as follows:

  • Intake of more proteins.
  • Plenty of water.
  • Sufficient moisture.
  • Self-care about hair.
  • Avoid tight hairstyles.
  • Healthy foods consumption.

Intake of more proteins

Hair growth requires a lot of proteins. A women suffering from hair loss must consume 1 gram protein per pound of her body weight. Therefore, consuming more proteinaceous foods is recommended for hair growth and avoiding hair breakage at the crown.

Pulses, chicken, fish, and egg white are protein-rich foods, thus should be included in the diet. The proteins present in the body nourish and helps hair to grow stronger.

Plenty of water

Give an available amount of water to the body such that the pores present in the crown and the scalp remains filled with water instead of drying and falling dried hairs.

Sufficient moisture

The scalp should always maintain a sufficient amount of moisture so that the moisture present in the scalp promotes the growth of strong strands of hair at the crown.

Self-care about hair

One should know how to take care of their hair. Use a good shampoo that suits your individual hair type and conditioner for smooth, strong, and silky hairs. Do not comb the hair unevenly; clear the fizz in the hair using hands. You should also not pull the hair, it may lead to heavy damage.

Don't use heavy heat-producing machines on your hair that may lead to hair breakage at the crown.

Avoid tight hairstyles

Avoid wearing hairstyles that give stress and pressure to every strand of hair. Instead, leave the hair free, like a bird that flies high in the sky. Make the hair loose and free in every up do. Avoid tight hairstyles such as ponytails, puffed hair buns, and pulled-out hair, saves a lot of hair from damage.

Healthy foods consumption

Consume nutritious foods that keep up body metabolism and one active. Protein-rich foods and high iron content foods can help grow the hair. Some hair problems and hair breakage at the crown are due to the nutrient deficiencies present in the body.

Take proper care of the hair if it is affected with hair health problems like dandruff, split ends, etc.


Hair growth is a long-term process that involves a lot of effort and patience since it takes a lot of time to grow strong. However, good hair growth oil, shampoo, and conditioners can help one's hair grow strong and stop hair damage. Self-care is also vital to avoid hair damage and stay with healthy and long beautiful hair.

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