How To Curl Your Hair Without Heat?

While curls are in constant vogue, getting our tresses curled and twirled with constant use of heating tools is disappointing!

The beachy waves, tight and bossy curls, that glamorous loose curls, and what not? Yes, the umpteen varieties of the hair curling tools such as steam curling iron, curling wand, etc come in handy. But, at times, we're not in a mood of using any sort of hair styling tools.

​To slay your curls even during those days by obtaining those lavish sets of locks, these tips come in handy! Cheers to "No tools day"!

Well, we all admit to the fact that how badly we treat our hair while drying them out right after a shower! By continuously rubbing with a towel, it is evident that our hair prone to frizziness!

How about styling your hair while drying them out? Instead of putting unwanted pressure, just focus on twisting your strands and gently pressing them. Following this method helps to retain your natural curls and also prevents hair damage. Boom! Those pretty natural curls are yours!

“Braid” and groom!

Braid and groom hair

Want effortless beach waves? Here's how to curl your hair without heat using the braid technique.

The easiest way to create natural-looking, bouncy curls is by braiding your curls. Yes, groom your hair the way you want just by braiding them perfectly!

Make a pretty braid while going to sleep at night. The next morning, unwrap joy by undoing the braid! There you have it! Pretty and loose curls enriching your beauty naturally! Don't forget to apply some smoothing gel or oil to avoid any frizz.

Braiding your hair at night not only creates the natural curls but also helps in avoiding tangles and thus reduces damage and hair fall.

Creating a DIY Halo

Grab an old cotton T-shirt and make a halo out of it! You just have to twist the tee and tie the ends of the T-shirt together!

Now, place your DIY halo on your head and start wrapping the small sections of your hair around it. Now that you are done initiating the "curl mode" sit back and relax! Oops! Sorry, go to bed!

​Next morning, get ready to welcome those pretty, bouncy, and soft curls as your brand new hairstyle!

Pro tip:

While wrapping the hair around the halo, make sure you do carefully section after section. If your hair is uneven or too soft, then, you can secure them with some bobby pins.

Say hello to the sock bun!

If you are scared to use the curling iron for fine hair, then, here's something you can say hello to! The sock bun!

You can easily create a sock bun at your home. Grab a clean sock, cut the end of the sock, and start rolling it until you make a doughnut of it. (Or you can simply buy a doughnut bun, but, making one is easy too!).

Once you have your "non-edible", pretty looking doughnut bun made of a sock, it's time to look cuter by tying a ponytail. Now, pull your cute ponytail through the sock bun's hole. Now, you know the drill!

Pull out small sections of your hair and start wrapping them around the doughnut bun. Once done, get some sleep and be prepared to welcome a bunch of wavy curls all the way!

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Be open to using some salt spray!

Be open to using some salt spray

Out with the old, in with the new! Say goodbye to false myths and hello to gentle and effective sprays.

Yes, this can be quite frightening as we have already are aware of many false myths. So, it's time to sweep of those unwanted, untruthful myths, and take a step forward to using some gentle and effective spray!

If you have a habit of re-applying the same old mousse over and over again on your curls, then, stop that habit right now!

By doing this, you are not only making your hair carve its way to towards potential damage, but also making it hard as a rock!

To deal with this situation, you should show some love on the sea salt spray! Irrespective of your hair length, you can apply this effective spray starting from your mid part of the strand towards the ends.

Applying it on damp hair and scrunching it upwards creates some natural boost of curls in an effortless way!

A cozy headband gets the curls done!

Using an old headband to create the lavish set of locks is trending! You just have to wear a headband, wrap the small sections of your hair and tuck them in. Now, spray some effective textured spray and go to sleep.

The next morning, you will be amused to see those ravishing set of curls finally came true. If you want the curls in the evening, then, you will have to try out this method in the morning itself. Thus, you can own the bouncy curls that can add some spark to your evening look!

And we twist!

Just start by twisting small sections of your hair with and over each other. Make them into a small bun-like hairstyle. Now, you should leave the bun as it is for at least 5-6 hours. After a few hours, you can start pulling them gently to obtain the desired curls on the go! 

With some basic know-how, you can create the lavish locks all by yourself! Don't be amused to receive a shower of compliments!

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