9 Hair Color Ideas For Curly Hair

Curly hair is versatile and it can look even more elegant when you step into the world of hair coloring. At first, the idea might seem daunting to you but once you have learned the right type of hair color that can easily blend in with your face as well as hair type, you would love to keep experimenting.

One of the best ways to add more vibrancy to your curls is with some fresh, trendy colors. If you are thinking of changing the color or trying it out for the first time, you are in the right place. It's time you make your hair even more enviable than before.

If you are looking at transforming the way your curly mane looks, you are sure to be overwhelmed with the choices. Hair coloring is fun and quite experimenting. Now you can get any sort of hair color you like, balayage or gray hair coverage.

The most popular hair color trends of 2024 will be of great help to let your curly hair shine out instantly.

hair color for curly hair

Get ready to fall in love with these stunning color melting shades for curly hair!

The color melting shade is one of the most iconic techniques that you opt for. It adds a multi-dimensional effect to your hair. Multiple tones melt together in this shade and you will get that natural appearance in your hair. It shows different shades of brown quite flawlessly.


caramel hair color

Upgrade your curls with this stunning caramel hair color idea.

A list would be incomplete without caramel hair color. This shade is a promising color. The warm tones can lighten up your appearance in a distinct way.

It looks amazing on loose waves as well as heavy curls. If you have a warm skin tone, this shade is the right one for you. Try it out!

Brown & Blonde

Brown & Blonde hair color

Elevate your curly hair game with these stylish brown and blonde hair color ideas

This might look ordinary at first but if you have never given blonde a try, you must at least once. Blondish brown is a dynamic shade and definitely quite fashion-forward. The mix of two colors can make your hair lively.

A yet better tip? Use a curling iron, add more texture to your hair and let this hair color turn heads, stat.

Striking Pink

Striking Pink color

Turn heads with this stunning pink hue on your curly locks!

When we say pink, we don't mean you just go all pink. If your original hair color is dark, you can choose darker shades of pink. Some absolutely stunning shades can give you a beautiful and bold look. Don't go for global and get a few chunks of strands colored in this shade.

The subtle shine that will come on your will definitely draw green eyes. Try it out.

Rose Gold Ombre


Blushing beauty: Rose Gold Ombre hair

Just like the highlighter that you apply on your cheeks and it dazzles, the same way even this hair color looks striking. If you have light brown hair, you can add rose gold ombre to your list. It is a quirky shade and it works with all sorts of skin tones.

Rose gold is one shade that's in vogue all year long. You won't have to worry even if this hair color starts fading as it would still look absolutely sparkling. Take reference pictures with you so the colorist knows exactly what you are looking for.

​If you have dark hair color, be careful with this shade as you will be going towards light hair color and it could damage your hair follicles.

Bright Red

Bright Red color

Vibrant and bold, this bright red hue demands attention!

Red highlights are not just eye-catching but can add a distinct look to your curls. Going all redhead can put you in a big dilemma but it’s a color that has never left the trend board and is now a fashion statement.

There are some impeccable red shades that you can choose. Be it burgundy or bright red hue, you can choose the color that matches well with your skin tone.

​Be prepared for one thing though, when the color starts fading, it won't look the same and your hair would look like it has lost the luster. This color is mainly for women with dark hair color and if you are taking a risk here, you will have to keep up your maintenance routine.

Violet & Red

Violet & Red color

Violet and red, the perfect combination for curly hair that stands out! ????✨

Here's another irresistible shade that will perfectly blend with your curly hair. Try a mix of red and violet together. This hair color is quite gorgeous and the combination lends a unique look.

You can either go for ombre with these two shades or do highlights with it. The vibrancy of this color will let elevate your skin tone.

Dip Dye

Dip Dye color

Add a pop of color to your curly locks with these fun dip dye hair color ideas.

When you have curly hair and are blessed, why not take your look a notch higher rather than sticking to the normcore? Dip dye is just the hair color you need. This two-toned shade can instantly take your appearance to bolder levels. While ombre includes dark to light to natural colors, dip dye skips the in-between shade.

If you are ready to step into this trend, remember to choose the trending shades of 2024.

Go All Green

Go All Green Color

Get ready to go green with these curly hair color ideas!

Some curly-haired girls might want to stick to understated colors whereas a few would love to experiment as well. Let us tell you that going all green is just what you need. The color is in trend and with a lot of celebrities sporting this shade, it one will undoubtedly stand out. The shade is quirky, OTT and dazzling enough to rev up your appearance.

Use a dual voltage curling iron or blow dry your hair and see how this one hair color can get you all the attention when you are stepping out to party. There are myriad of green shades from gradient to dark to light that you can bank on.

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Know Your Hair

Coloring your curly hair will bring in some disadvantages as well like breakage or lack of shine. To prevent the damage, you will need extra care and proper treatment at all times.

Here are a few things that will help you out:

  • Pamper your hair with protein masks made of eggs. You can also make it with aloe vera gel.
  • Keep in mind to switch up your shampoo and conditioner and get it for color-treated hair.
  • Say no to hair styling tools.
  • Maintain a healthy diet as your hair would need more nourishment than usual.

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