Tips And Tricks For Blow Drying Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, most often than not it is in a tight braid. What's the first thought that comes to your mind when you see someone with a long shiny length of curly hair?

Obviously, you are envious because even though you have curly hair like her but yours are too wild to be manageable. Right?

The biggest nightmare for anyone with curly hair is drying it after a shower. More than the intangible mess, there is something else that is the problem. It is the frizz and wetness that does not seem to go away at all.

Endless hours trying to air dry even shoulder-length hair becomes a daily tiring hour-long chore.  Besides air drying naturally, the two other most common options available include using a blow dryer, or a diffuser.

Although it is blow drying that is the most efficient and quick way to dry the wild flying bush, using a ​best blow dryer for curly hair daily can cause adverse effects which again needs taking care of.

In fact, many hairdressers often state that blow-drying is a bane for curly hair if the blowout is done incorrectly. However, some small tricks and tips can essentially help in resolving all the negative issues relevant to blow drying curly hair.

Always use a blow dryer on clean hair

Blow drying curly hair

Want healthy hair? Remember to blow dry on clean hair to avoid clogged follicles.

Scalp collects oil and dirt very easily. Using blow dryers on oily or dirty hair can cause those unwanted articles to clog the hair follicles or even dry out the scalp. Dandruff and itchy scalp are inevitable in such scenarios.

Squeeze out the excess moisture at all time

Using a good quality high absorbing towel, remove excess moisture from the hair. This ensures that there is least water remnant in the hair and thus the minimum amount of blow-drying is needed to set the hair.

Scrunching the hair using the towel extracts a lot of the extra water drips. Rather than scrunching all the hair together, it is better to do it in parts.

Choose a hair blower that’s of good quality

Cheaper blow dryers will cause more damage to the curls than do good. Always make sure to buy a blower that is either ceramic or tourmaline one. These blow dryers are designed to reduce frizz and give a natural shine to the hair.

Use a diffuser

Blow drying curly hair

Don't overlook the power of a diffuser! It's the key to achieving beautiful, defined curls!

One of the least used products in a hair blower kit is the diffuser. What many do not know is that diffusers are great for drying curly hairs efficiently. In fact, using the diffuser on the root level gives a better bounce to the curls.

Make sure to use the diffuser in a circular motion for a better lift. Besides, that diffuser should never be used on the tips as that can cause drying out and splitting of the ends.

Pre and post conditioning of the curly hair

Contrary to popular belief curly hair needs more care than normal hair. Preconditioning with conditioners and hair masks is as important as post conditioning with hair serum and hair protecting creams.

The overall care system protects the natural hair contents and thus the aftereffect of any heat and cold drying is barely minimal.

Use plops and hooded dryers if viable

Blow drying curly hair

Effortlessly dry your curls with plopping and hooded dryers for defined, frizz-free locks.

Plopping is one of the best techniques for curly hairs. It reduces frizz and dries the volume faster. A natural alternative to air drying, it is easy and efficient.

Similarly, hooded dryers are a good alternate investment. Besides saving a lot of time spent on drying the frizz, hooded dryers also help in improving the deep conditioning of the hair and scalp.

What not to do while blow-drying curly hair

Curly hair needs extra care as stated before. Few important facts one should remember not to do while blow-drying curly hair includes:

  • Never use a cheap quality blow dryer because that will cause more damage than good. High-end dryers come with multiple settings and temperature control that can be adjusted based on the curl type and volume. This reduces the risk of hair burns, keratin damage and much more.
  • Never tighten the hair in towels and cloth for long. The friction can cause breakage and weakening of the hair follicles. A maximum of 10 minutes is sufficient to remove the excess moisture.
  • Never use a comb or brush on wet hair. The scalp and hair follicles are their weakest after the shower. Combing through them will result in easy breakage and weakening of the follicle. Besides that make sure to always use a wide-tooth comb for brushing the curls.
  • Air-dry the hair to remove maximum moisture before using the blow dryer. This reduces the drying of the scalp a great deal.
  • Start dring the curls from the front and then move rearward. This allows the hair to set in a better fashion than moving from back to front.

Curly hair is not a big problem if it is handled cleverly. In fact styling, these curls are much more beautiful and fun than normal wavy or straight hair. Instead of being upset with the huge volume of noodles like strands on your, why not take care of it better?

After all curly hair is a rare commodity hardly seen these days unless it is artificially created at salons.

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