How To Curl Short Hair The Right Way | Especially For This Wedding Season

Voila! Look who's peeping. The season that blossoms bonding, bliss, and spreads eternal love, yes, wedding season it is! So, all set to roll all the compliments that come showering near you?

Well, I venture to guess that even you have all the invites piled up for the "big, fat weddings" to attend this season, right? So, what all categories you have got ticked as of now? Say.

Outfit? Check!

Accessories? Check!

Makeup? Check!

Hair? Err! Confused.

Ouch! Even you are getting stuck with the "short hair" tantrum? So was I, until I discovered the whole tactics and tricks to curl my short hair!

I am happy to share the right steps that will guide you to woo the world by curling it perfectly. So, ready to get back in beauty brigade this wedding season?? Let's go then:

You can have your dream come true by following the vital steps of the curling process. No outfit looks complete without the perfect and right hairstyle that goes well with the outfit and the makeup.

1. Go for The Right One

You might have already experienced the confusion that the overwhelming options of the curler create. How about listing your criteria, your requirements, and your specifications (if any).

This will definitely act as a filter by kicking out all the unnecessary distractions while you are out looking for the right curler.

How to curl short hair the right way

Short hair, don't care! Get the perfect curls with the right curling iron.

Well, as you are also slaying with short hair, it's recommended to go for the one with small barrels.

This not only gives you crisp and tighter curls but also upholds in throughout the day! So, there you have it! Your secret wish-master, adding life to your dream!

2. Basics That Should not be Neglected

Basic hair care is a must. No matter how expensive or how great the quality of the product you use, if your hair is not given the basic care, then, it will be of no use.

If you are planning to dress up well and look stunning, especially during this wedding season, all you need to do is to take great care of your hair.

Want your hair to look sparkling shiny naturally for the wedding season? Here's something for you!

Oiling is a blessing

Start with oiling your hair (not too less, not too much) and give a light massage. This strengthens your hair from the roots and also it provides great relaxation. If possible, let it sit overnight. If you are running short of time, leave for about at least 2 hours.

oiling in hair

Get the perfect curls for short hair with a little oiling magic

The perfect wash

While washing, be specific about the shampoo you use. Every person's hair is different in terms of texture (soft and smooth, coarse and rough), length, and other crucial factors.

Choose the shampoo which suits well for your hair type. The right choice of conditioner can make your hair look absolutely stunning and healthy by repairing the damage or wear-and-tear caused to your hair daily.

Wash your hair before getting it styled

As it is quite a task to style the unwashed hair, we recommend you to always complete the regular oiling and hair wash routine before getting them styled. Thus, you can choose the hairstyle you want, and that matches the outfit for the wedding you will be attending.

By using the right choice of shampoo and conditioner combo, every strand of your hair can give the desired "a dream come true," look you have ever been looking for!

3. Protecting your Gorgeous Hair

As you will be all excited to get a tick mark on the "perfect curls" box, you might ignore the little thing that your hair is expecting from your end before you switch on the curler. Yes, heat/thermal protectant it is.

As the curler emits heat which is used as a curling medium, there is a high possibility of getting your hair burnt! You can skip this nightmare by carefully applying the right amount of heat protectant spray all over the head.

Well, using the right choice of products and the right amount can definitely reduce the risk of hair damage. Thus, if you want to keep your hair free from vulnerability, then, tamer spray is the right choice to do so.

Caution: Don'ts for fine hair

It is better to avoid using creams, especially for fine hair as it might act too heavy weighing down your hair.

Opt for hair sprays instead. This will not only coat and protect your hair, but also helps in enhancing the texture of your hair starting from root to tip!

The icing on the cupcake

As the hair sprays never let your expectations down and provide the perfect curls, it is time to reap more out of it. How? After completing the process, you can use your comb to spread your hair evenly!

Blow drying

Well, no wonder the perfectly curled hair puts you in the limelight. All thanks to "behind the scene" artists involved in it. If you are self-grooming, then, you should be thankful for the only artist, yes, your hair curler!

Blow Dry Your Hair

Blow drying your way to stunning curls on short hair.

Another part of the process, you must be thankful for is the blow-drying method. By blow drying your hair, you can get tight and perfect locks that sit throughout the day! And tada! This is how you make your hair look bouncy, healthy, and naturally curly!

Especially when you are out for attending a wedding, the extra bounce is all you need that can woo everyone with the matching outfit.

4. Partitioning your Hair

Voila! This is not a big deal for the ladies out there with short hair! Right? Try making at least 6 partitions so that you won't regret when you curl them around.

So, before you begin the whole curling process, make sure you have patience, time, and energy. Because curling takes some time, but the end result is worth investing your time, energy, and whatever!

Secure the new hair with the help of a clip every time you curl. As yours is short hair, you won't be spending much time in seeing yourself in a flawless curly look. I promise!

Partitioning your Hair

Creating curls with precision: the art of partitioning short hair

5. And Hence the Curling Begins!

Are you a rookie or a veteran when it comes to curling your hair?? If you are well-versed in curling your hair, then, must say, you have acquired an amazing talent!

If you are a brand new person to this whole curling world, then welcome aboard my dear friend! Hop in, let the game begin!

Just so you know, you have the total freedom to mix and match while you are curling. But, for fresher, we recommend starting from the bottom of your hair.

How to curl short hair the right way

Curling your way to perfection: Your talent is undeniable!

Trending since forever

You can own a trendy look by leaving some strands open, say about 1/2 inch. This will surely create a messy look which lets everyone go awestruck!

Point to be noted

After wrapping your hair, leave it for about 10 seconds to get the lavish set of curls you ever wanted.

Using wand

If you are planning to curl your hair using a wand, then, we recommend you to go from top sliding towards the bottom. You can expect a fresh batch of an elegant, bouncy set of curls as an end result.

You can uplift this hairdo by teaming it with some bright, smoky outfit to enhance the royal look!

Using clamped iron

To get that glam look, hold the iron for a while, and then, give it a nice twist. Repeat this several times till you are satisfied with the newly formed curl.


Who loves small burnt scars on their face? No one! So, it is advised to simmer your excitement while using curlers or any tool that emits heat.

6. And the Glam Doll is all Dressed up!

Once you are done curling every section of your hair, you can add some touch of magic with your hands (or comb, maybe)!

How? Here it is! Tune your hair according to your wish, set right the hairline and then, boom! Shake them off with light hands! Or you can even comb lightly to own a more natural look.

Spray and sway

Do not forget to spray on top so that every strand stays in place and won't be creating a jiggle wiggle after some time! So, now you have it! The perfect set of lavish locks!

Just in case

If your hair is not having a good hair day, then, don't worry! You can turn the dull and fussy hair into something shiny and attractive instantly by using the shine spray. This literally adds some spark to your hair, making it look lively and gorgeous.

Who says you can't have it all? Using the right amount of products in the right way creates a totally flawless look just in minutes! Of course, hair is something which stays as a natural jewel in your body. Make sure you add the right crown. Happy curling!

Make sure to curl short hair following the right way and get a new dimension to your fashion world.


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