How To Keep Curls Overnight [10 Easy Ways To Preserve Curls]

Curly, thick hair look amazing, but when it comes to the maintenance, there's nothing more difficult. It's also a task, especially when you head to bed at night and you just can’t maintain the locks.

When you don't sleep properly, the curls are squished and get rubbed on the pillow, leading to frizzy hair and undefined curls. It doesn't matter if you sleep with dry or wet hair, what matters is how your hair looks the next day.

If your luscious locks have been bothering you and you are confused, as to how you can keep it sane the next day, we are here to give you 10 life-saving tips and tricks that will work wonder to keep curls overnight. Check it out.

When you have curly hair, your hair shaft doesn't have the same thickness as the rest of the hair. Hence your hair is a type, which is prone to breakage.

When you change your side, it puts pressure on your strands, which is why when you wake up the next morning, you see a pile of broken hair on the pillowcase.

To get rid of this issue, firstly, change the pillowcase, into a more comfortable one. Cotton pillowcases will work against your har, whereas a silk or satin one will protect it from losing the natural oil. This will keep your hair cooler and your scalp won't lose the natural oil as well.

Turning Your Hair Into A Pineapple

Turning Your Hair Into A Pineapple

Protect your curls while you sleep with this simple technique.

We don't literally mean pineapple but it is a game-changing hairstyle that preserves your curls at night. To get this and nail the look the next day, simply take all your hair up and then, near your crown area, secure it with a scrunchie. Don't pull hard or make it too tight.

You can also separate the pony on both the sides of your hair. In the morning, you can use a hair spray or a curl refresher to maintain the curls.

Multi-Pineapple Method

Not just two, but if you have really short hair, you can pull shorter pineapples on your head, which can be 3 or more than that. In case of short hair, make use of a satin bonnet to do this method.

Do The Mini Braids

Braids are every curly-headed girl's best friend. Hence, when you turn your hair into braids, your curls will remain intact. Choose from a pool of braid styles, like a classic braid or a french braid, and see which one suits you the best.

In case of a loose braid, your hair would appear wavy whereas, in French, it would be tighter and have a crimp like structure to it.

Pinning Your Curls

Girls with softer hair texture can do the pin curls to maintain the waves at night. All you need to do is gather your curls on your head, with the help of your index finger and lay it on your scalp.

Use a bobby pin to secure it and in the morning, gently release these curls. See, how bouncy and wavy they look!

Wear A Satin Bonnet

Wear A Satin Bonnet

Get your beauty sleep while keeping your curls on point - satin bonnets are a curly girl's best friend.

If sleeping on a pillowcase, made of silk or satin is too much for you, you can protect your curls by using a satin bonnet.

This is another great way to keep your curls looking voluminous. It also helps loose hair from coming onto your face, when you are probably binge-watching a show or just sleeping. Decide which method is best suited for you and go for it.

T-shirt Turban

If using some of the aforementioned methods are causing a dent on your hair, due to the band, you can give a shot to the T-shirt method.

This a great idea for women with short hair, if the hair ends up looking flat. All you need to do is use a T-shirt. Lay it flat on your flat surface, then take the bottom part on your neck and secure it on the forehead with a pin.

Once done, tie the sleeves on your head, a turban will form around your curls. This one doesn’t feel too tight and will help you sleep well with your curly hair.

Messy Bun

Messy Bun

Wake up to beautiful curls with this easy messy bun overnight technique!

The messy bun is almost as same as the pineapple method but it is a bit lose and even if you turn on your bed, it will still maintain the volume. Just take your hair and tuck it into a bun.

This one lessens the curl definition but prevents the breakage or hair frizz.

The Plop Method

When your hair is wet, instead of using the best hair dryer for curly hair, you can try the plop method. Infuse some hair gel or apply hair mousse or any curl shaping item onto your hair.

Now, flip your hair on a flat surface, like a towel or a T-shirt. The hair should fall in the center. Next, fold the fabric, take it behind your neck and then to your head and just tie it up. If you are using a towel, tie the sides, to keep your curls secured overnight.

You will wake up with beautiful looking curls the next day!

Two Strand Twist

Another hairstyle that works on both, dry and wet hair is a two-strand twist. This method will give your hair an overall shape, without turning it flat at night.

Take two sections of your hair and then wrap it over each other, starting from the roots till the end. This will give you more of a natural, wavy look.

Bottom Line

You don’t need to think so much about how to keep curls overnight. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll notice the changes in your hair’s texture and bounce. Try it out.

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